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3 Main Reasons Why People Love Anime Posted Mar 25, 2020

While anime has been around for a long time now, in the last two decades it has reached worldwide success like no other form of art out there. In the period when it made a boom throughout the globe, series like Pokémon, Digimon, Dragon Ball, and a slew of others were all the rage amongst a younger audience, with adults considering most anime as entertainment for children. This has changed drastically over the years. People of all ages have something good to say about anime, and here are a few of the reasons why.


Surprisingly enough, anime and manga can be seen throughout the entertainment industry and not just in their classic forms of movies, series, and comics. This style of art and animation has inspired an onslaught of products in different industries. The gaming industry, for instance, has embraced manga and anime in full and has created games based on popular series. Fans can even find anime-inspired slot machines in online casinos such as Casimba, a UK registered online casino.

Anime bleeds through different industries because people love what it represents. It’s an escape from the mundane tasks we have to face in everyday life and provides us with worlds of wonders and fantasy that we can explore and immerse ourselves in. This paired with the unique art style is what makes it stand out from the more common types of media we’re used to.


Building up from what was said before, anime has the power to take us out of our skin and put us in someone else’s shoes for a while. This wouldn’t be saying much if all anime had the same formula of story development, but what gets different types of people into anime in the first place is how varied it can be. There’s an anime out there for everyone to love, and people are starting to see that.

The problem with anime being seen as entertainment for children came from the fact that some of the most popular series back in the day were aimed at that audience. Not to say that adults couldn’t fully enjoy them but many had the idea that all anime was much of the same. As anime became more widespread, people were able to see that not only did it come in different genres, but there were also series meant to be enjoyed by all generations.


It’s hard for us to like something if we can’t identify with it. Pioneers of anime clearly understand this and have created characters that a place within people’s hearts throughout their lifetime. From the underdogs that work hard to achieve their goals to the snotty brats that expect everything to be handed to them, anime has it all.

Although it sounds corny, with anime it’s not about where the character starts or ends up, it’s about the growth they experience on the journey there. This type of character development is exactly what people want to see, and it inspires them to continue to grow as well.

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