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4 Lessons You Can Learn from James Bond Posted Feb 13, 2021

Fictional characters are so much more than the worlds they are written into. Movies, books, and stories in general don’t exist just to entertain us; they’re also a way in which an author can share their opinions and, most importantly, change other people’s points of view. The most popular fictional characters take on a life of their own long after their stories have been told.

And there he comes, Bond, codename 007. A timeless character. It was more than 50 years ago when Dr. No premiered with a legendary performance by Sean Connery, the first Bond. From that moment on, James Bond was ingrained into our collective consciousness for generations to come.

Think about when you played spy games when you were little, or you wanted to pretend you were always calm and confident, in control of everything. In those moments, your attitude was probably influenced by his character, or by another character that was inspired by James Bond’s enchanting persona.

James Bond set the bar for men a long time ago and to this day remains a strong role model. He embodies a lot of qualities we find admirable in a man: he’s brave, adventurous, cool, classy…

But it’s not just the fancy cars, the extraordinary luck when gambling, or the ladies surrounding him. You can learn a few things from this famous character that may help you become the best James Bond version of yourself.

Finish what you start

James Bond shows us that determination is crucial, not optional. When duty calls and you respond, you have to be responsible for your decisions and finish the tasks you’ve started.

Those are the kinds of people we follow; people who make good on their promises, no matter how hard things get. It’s not about doing things perfectly every time; it’s about sticking to your word and getting things done. That builds trust in the people who follow the Bonds of this world.

Know your enemy

Okay, so you don’t need to have an actual enemy like in the movies. Maybe there’s no villainous, narcissistic guy wanting to defeat you, but there is always something in life trying to tear you down. This could be something personal and abstract like a flaw or an addiction, or it could be an ideological nemesis who disagrees with everything you stand for.

James Bond will never enter a battle without knowing how to analyze and overcome his enemy.

Adapt to the times

If you look at some of James Bond’s older movies and compare them to more recent releases, you’ll notice the small ways in which the character has evolved. These tweaks help the character maintain his relevance and bring him up to the standards we’d expect in the present day.

This can be a great way to understand how society has evolved over the past half-century. Perhaps the most obvious change is that James Bond has shown more respect for women in recent years, which sets the standard for other men.

Never underestimate “savoir-faire”

The English translation of this French saying is “knowing what to do.” In James Bond’s reality, that means always being one step ahead in all situations and knowing what resources you have at your disposal so you can figure out what to do at any moment. Bond’s secret is doing all this with extreme finesse that seems almost effortless.

This sounds like magic, but it isn’t. Bond’s seemingly effortless savoir-faire comes from hours and hours of practice, studying, and physical training. Always work on yourself and your abilities, and you’ll eventually develop the same finesse as 007.

Extra tips: Lessons that can help your gambling skills

Develop your skills: No matter how easy it seems for James Bond to win his bets consistently, this doesn’t just come out of nowhere. Bond has played his favorite games at casinos for years, and that has given him the wisdom to help him win seemingly every time.

Trust your instincts: You can see that James Bond also trusts in himself and the instincts he has developed for his games. The more you play, the stronger your intuition will get.

Master multiple games: From baccarat to poker and craps, Bond has a vast understanding of many different games, which elevates his chances of winning an immense amount of money.

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