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5 Gaming Anime To Watch Posted Jul 1, 2021

5 Gaming Anime To Watch
Source: Pixabay

Anyone who watches anime knows that a lot of characters in the shows set in modern times, actually play video games. However, there are shows that are even centered around gaming. These might appear like shows that are aimed at a niche audience, much like sports anime, but in reality, you would be surprised just how entertaining they can be. Now that anime is becoming more mainstream, there might be plenty of viewers out there who are looking to get hyped for a new or even an older show. Here we will go over some of these shows, and hopefully, inspire you to give them a shot.

KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!

Konosuba is a story about the afterlife, but in this case, the afterlife is a massive RPG, where you get to choose how to level up and what powers you can get. It’s really among the more popular titles and it was also nominated for the best anime comedy, on Crunchyroll. The jokes and show can be very witty at times, but for those who don’t like immature jokes, this might not be an ideal comedy show.

Still the story is very interesting, there are lots of RPG elements that anyone who played the genre will notice, and it’s really funny how they got woven into the plot and characters. So, it’s not exactly about gaming, it’s about a world that is crafted like an RPG, but it’s overall a great anime, and everyone should give it a chance.


Everyone knows about Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters, but the original manga and season zero were just called Yu-Gi-Oh, and it was all about playing different games. Truth be told most of these were all luck-based games with high stakes, where if you lose or cheat you die. Some of those elements also made it into a duel monsters show, but the censorship just turned them into the shadow realm and mystic magic, to make it more appropriate for kids. Also, games that appeared in the show were poker, and other gambling games, so creating a kid-friendly show from season 0 wasn’t possible.

It’s funny to think how the show would progress if it stuck to its roots and tried to keep up with modern games. It could have casino sister sites where people review different slots and casino games, but in this show, the review would say that after playing a game of live blackjack the dealer died, for example. So, it would become a story about hunted gaming and gambling sites.

Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler

As we all know gaming is a pretty broad term since there are those who play on mobile, those who love board games, etc. In other words, there are different types of gamers, and a big part of that community is those in the iGaming industry. So, if you enjoy playing on top paying online casino NZ platforms, and if you love different versions of poker, then you will definitely love Kakeguri. Some of the most memorable moments in anime are those with high stakes and adrenaline-rushing tension, so a show centered around gambling is definitely going to deliver lots of those scenes.

This Netflix anime is based on the gambling manga, and it is about a high school or a private academy with a complicated hierarchy. In order to advance or climb this social ladder, students need to be good at gambling. The reason behind this system is simple, the academy wants to produce top-tier gamblers who will be the best of the best. Sword Art Online

5 Gaming Anime To Watch
Source: Pixabay

If you like the movie Ready Player One, then chances are you will like Sword Art Online. This is a very similar setting, where players can log into their online avatars in the massive multiplayer online RPG. In order to do so, they rely on an advanced Nerve Gear, but soon they discover if they die in this game they die in real life. To make matters worse, players cannot log out, and then the plot starts to unfold.

High Score Girl

This show was released fairly recently, and it is a romantic comedy that takes place during the 90s. In other words, the games you’ll see here are 2D fighting arcades, since those were most popular back then. It’s about a sixth-grader called Harou who wants to slack off and play games all day, and Akira who uses games as means of escapism. The two bond over a Street Fighter game and see a worthy rival in one another. The two eventually develop feelings for one another. Gradually they influence one another and change, and we see them at different points in time, playing more advanced games.


So, if you like gaming, or would like to see an anime about gaming, you can’t go wrong with any of these titles. They are great shows and have received positive feedback from anime-loving audiences.

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