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The 5 Most Binge-Worthy Anime Styles Ever Posted Aug 22, 2019

There are more anime styles than you can shake a stick at - 43, to be exact.

Where do you even begin?

That number alone should have you binge watching for literally centuries on end, if you laid all the anime from all 43 genres from end to end and watched each one from start to finish.

Here's the thing: only a smattering of those 43 genres (and counting) are popular enough for most casual fans to enjoy. While there are undoubtedly fantastic anime of each genre worth watching, they may not enjoy the same popularity as some anime from the most well-known genres around.

So, if you're new to the vast world of anime, we're happy to share five of the most binge-worthy anime styles you can sink your teeth into. Spend hours on end watching during the weekends, paired with some of the finest exponents of the genres for your viewing pleasure.

Fire up your Netflix account, start saving some of our suggested titles, and get some coffee brewing (caffeine is the must-go-to-partner in binge watching). Happy viewing!

1. Action

Action, as a genre, no matter what the medium is, will always be among the most popular. Action anime is usually interspersed with elements of other genres - Romance, History, and Drama, to name a few - in order to stay interesting for most viewers.

After all, it's extremely rare to see an almost exclusively action film or series that's packed with action scenes from start to finish without rhyme or reason. Neither would any of them make for compelling viewing that will have you binge watching for days on end. Endless shooting scenes and explosions can only go so far.

Binge watch recommendations:

2. Slice-of-Life

Slice-of-life anime has exponentially grown in popularity today. It's one of the most realistic styles of anime, which is probably the same reason why so many people find it enjoyable today. There are no phantasmagoric, overly cerebral, or fantasy elements, which makes it an easy watch, and is easily among the easiest styles to relate to.

It portrays a true representation of a series of events in a character's life, and is typically open-ended, with no conflicts, or denouement. It's basically, well, a slice of a character's life that you are invited to view, often with a healthy dose of comedic situations stemming from daily life.

Binge watch recommendations:

3. Drama

In the mood for a tearjerker? The drama anime style is for you. Drama connects you, the viewer, to the characters' experiences in order to elicit an emotional response akin to what the character is experiencing.

Anime drama intends to touch the viewer's hearts, and a good drama will take you through the whole gamut of feelings - a crescendo of rising and falling emotions. Drama, like action, also tends to be interspersed with other genres for maximum effect.

Binge watch recommendations:

4. Historical

Historical anime is based on historical events. More often than not, historical anime is set in the feudal era of Japan, or similar settings like in the Middle Ages (albeit much rarer). For as long as there are elements (time, setting, background) are dated, such anime can usually be classified as part of this genre. Historical anime also draws heavily from elements of fantasy and action, as well as from other genres. Oh, and if you are a history buff, it is certain to be 100% binge watchable!

Binge watch recommendations:

5. Romance

Romance, as the name implies, love. And it's among the most popular anime styles for that reason. It's infinitely relatable across viewers of all ages - the star-crossed lovers who, for some reason or another, never meet until the end of the road, or a bizarre love triangle (to borrow a reference from New Order), or a complicated situation involving 4 or more lovers. It's extremely popular with the newer, younger set of anime fans for this reason.

Prepare your heartstrings if romance is your thing, as there is no shortage of "awww" moments and passionate scenes. They are all about the often-times complicated romantic relationships that the characters are involved in - or a newly-minted romance that is just about to bloom. Elements of romance often can be seamlessly blended with other genres, such as any of the 5 we've already tackled, and pretty much with the remaining 38 genres we haven't tackled. Its enduring popularity, as well as how easily it can be interspersed with other genres will ensure its popularity will last. Binge watch galore!

Binge watch recommendations:

Do you have any binge watch recommendations for noobs to anime? Let us know your recommendations - we might just feature it on one of our next features. Happy viewing to you all!

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