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5 Reasons Why We Love Kakegurui Posted Dec 26, 2019

Karagurui is without a doubt one of the most popular manga comics in the past few years - and for good reason, too! The story is original enough to spark joy (pardon the expression) and familiar enough to feel like just maybe we could live in that world too. Plus, for anyone that loves a gamble, it’ll resonate well in your soul. Today we’re counting down five reasons why we totally love this original series.

5 Reasons Why We Love Kakegurui
One super-hot anime show

1. It makes us feel better about our own gambling habits

Yes, it’s called Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler. Now, if there was ever any series that made us feel better about our gambling habits it’s this one. Yumeko Jabami is pretty much the gambler we all want to be deep down inside. A girl who is instantly likable and with an intoxicatingly sweet personality, but with an amazing eye for the game - and the ability to instantly stop a cheat dead in their tracks. She’s a first-class gambler - one we all aspire to be more like!

2. There’s spin offs galore and a truck ton of merch to get our hands on

If we’re talking straight manga there’s the Kakegurui Twin prequel, Kakegurui (Kakkokari), and Kakegurui Midari. And if manga isn’t enough to get you going there is the anime version of the series (with two seasons no less) which lives on with everyone’s favorite streaming platform, Netflix. There’s also the live-action version of the manga which was released in 2018. In short, it’s a powerhouse.

As for the merch, it’s as you can expect any big manga fandom. Figurines, clothes, keychains, trading cards, games, stickers, Yumeko’s school outfit, posters, backpacks and straps… the list goes on. We even expect a no deposit slot game featuring Kakegurui to be created very soon. With so many other great anime no deposit slots, it's just a matter of time. Especially considering the topic of the series!

3.  Hyakkaou Private Academy is the school we all want to go to

Forget Hogwarts! Magic isn’t exactly a skill we can actually master. Gambling on the other hand… Now there’s something we might actually be able to excel at. Instead of the regular subjects, things like being able to read others are top of the list when it comes to valued attributes for your studies at Hyakkaou Private Academy. Being able to spot a liar or a cheat sounds a whole lot easier than having to whip up a potion from a magical herb that doesn’t actually exist in real life... The Academy is unique in its power ranking structure and the whole ‘pets’ thing is a little bit strange, to say the least - but we like it.

4. It allows us to suspend reality for just a moment

Manga, like other forms of entertainment; video games, movies, books, plays; allows us to escape the reality of our lives for just a brief moment. There’s no thought of work, no thought about that fight with your brother or sister, no thought of that social event you’re actually dreading. Instead, it’s just a pure moment of joy in an alternate universe, we real life doesn’t exist. We get immersed in Yumeko Jabami’s world instead and we’ll be darned if it doesn’t feel far more exciting than real life - well, most of the time anyway. There is a lot to be said for escapism, especially the type that isn’t self destructive, unlike things like drinking or drugs. So don’t feel guilty about picking up your copy and getting deep into the world of Kakegurui.

5. It’s not over yet!!!

So many of our favorite manga series end which simply means we just have to read, and re-read, and re-read again, lamenting over the fact that it’s all over, or checking out what the artists are now working on instead, or even hunting out our new faves. Sometimes we’ll get a remake or it’ll start up again but these are few and far between. But thankfully, Kakegurui is still going strong, 5 (and almost 6!) years after its inception. Let’s hope this popular series keeps going for many years to come. And with the recent anime releases, it seems sure to continue its run for the time being. Show your like by signing up to fan groups, following on social media, and getting your cosplay on.

Kakegurui has the staying power, the story, the immersion to be one of all time best manga series. Agree or disagree? If you’re lying then you can be sure that Yumeko Jabami will catch you out!

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