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5 Ways To Meet Other Anime Fans Posted Dec 13, 2019

5 Ways To Meet Other Anime Fans

If you’re someone that has a great love for all things anime, then keep reading! Back in the days way before the internet came along, many of us felt that we were a rare breed- that even if there were fellow anime lovers out there, it would be highly unlikely that you would cross paths. But thanks to the internet and also to passionate anime lovers from all over the world, bridges have been built and anime lovers can unite in a number of ways to share their passion together! We’ve made a list of the 5 ways you can meet other anime fans.

Have An Anime Tourism Experience

Arguably the best way to really immerse yourself in the world of anime in the best way possible, and meet other like-minded anime lovers, is to have an anime tourism experience. This mainly means taking a trip to Japan, where it all started, and visiting the sites that are all about anime. You can find all kinds of gifts for anime lovers that are available online to order as well. Something that will remind you of your time there. There are anime museums, stores, cafes and even exhibitions that you can really get into and meet a bunch of people who love anime as much as you do.

Anime Dating Apps

You’ll be happy to know that there is actually a dating app that is especially made for anime lovers! And that’s something that dreams are made of, to potentially meet the person of your dreams or go on a couple of dates with people you are sure love anime as much as you do.

Anime Conventions

More and more anime conventions are being held all over the world as the years go by. This makes it a much more accessible idea. Do a bit of research and find out when the next anime convention is taking place, and where it is, and make sure that you plan in advance because some of these last for a couple of days. They’re a ton of fun and you get to meet a huge crowd of people that love anything related to anime.

Online Discussion Forum

There are often times where you want to ask questions about characters or even have a long and deep discussion about one of the characters or an anime that you’ve loved for a long time. The best place to do this is on a discussion forum. You can easily find these websites online and by doing so, you can find people around the world that are like-minded.

Social Media Groups

With the onset of social media came the exposure of everything about anything. The best part is that you’re bound to find a number of groups on these platforms that are all about anime, and some even specific to series, movies, comics or particular characters.

There are plenty of ways for you to meet like-minded anime lovers. You no longer need to feel like an outcast or like you’re alone, and that you don’t have anyone to talk to about your love for anime! There are a variety of choices and each gives you new ways to meet and communicate with different people with the same passion as yours.

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