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5G Will Make Mobile Casino Gaming Much Faster Posted Jul 14, 2020

We are on the verge of another important change that will revolutionize online gambling. Smartphones and tablets are being used routinely to play all sorts of slots, table games and video pokers over the Internet. They are powerful enough to run these games smoothly, so players don’t make any compromises when switching from computers to handheld devices. 5G technology will make mobile casino gaming even faster, therefore greatly increase the quality of each online gaming session.

No more lag when playing live games

Some of the most exciting online casino games are the ones played against real dealers. In the live casino section, one can play roulette, blackjack, baccarat and other popular card games against real croupiers. They use WebCam technology to stream the games as they unfold, so they benefit greatly from higher Internet speeds. No matter how powerful the devices, they still depend on a strong Internet connection to provide the ideal gaming experience.

One of the few problems still encountered by online gamers when playing their favorite live casino games are caused by the unreliable connections. 5G technology will change all that and make latency virtually nonexistent, on both smartphones and tablets. Online casinos will also be encouraged to increase the quality of their games and streams, knowing that these won’t lead to lower speeds. At the end of the day, live dealer action fans will be the main beneficiaries of the advancements brought about by 5G.

5G will be faster than Wi-Fi

Today, the vast majority of online players go to great lengths to find a Wi-Fi hotspot when playing casino games. That’s because the speeds are superior and the connection is more reliable, but this is also going to change once 5G technology becomes mainstream. Assuming you have a mobile plan that isn’t too expensive and you can afford to use 5G without worrying about the costs, things will take a turn for the better. Punters will have virtually no reasons to stick to Wi-Fi, simply because 5G will be faster.

Not only live dealer games will benefit from the arrival of the new tech, but also other popular game genres. Punters should be more inclined to download stuff on their mobile devices, as the entire process will take significantly less time. Acquiring an online casino app won’t take more than a few seconds and players will have them installed on their devices immediately. Even today, mobile apps deliver a superior gaming experience, so the arrival of 5G will encourage players to download them more often.

The vast majority of new smartphones and tablets are 5G compatible, but there are still devices unable to support the new technology. The good news is that even those who rely on devices using 4G technology will benefit from the arrival of 5G. That’s because the old networks will have to deal with less traffic, which will alleviate the pressure. As a result, users will enjoy higher speeds even if they don’t make the transition to 5G.

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