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7 Anime Movies About Gambling Posted Jul 23, 2020

Anime is an art form that originated back in 1917, Japan. It has, over recent years, made it onto the big screen in many different ways. The characters with their beautiful big eyes bring warmth and personality to exciting storylines.

Many of the anime characters are deeply involved in gambling games, and they mostly play a game of Mahjong. It would be interesting to find out if any of them have made an online wager at Astralbet yet.

Jacek Michalski is a well-known writer who loves everything about gambling and entertainment. He tells us more about how some of these Japanese anime characters overcome the odds in various great anime films, using their betting skills.

7 Anime Movies About Gambling

Kaiji: The Ultimate Survivor

The main character, Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji, is an attractive young man caught up with the wrong friends. As he tries to start afresh in Tokyo, he soon ends up having to pay his friends’ debt. He lands on an illegal gambling cruise and starts a battle for his life.

His name means ‘Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji’, and that should already give you a good insight into this young Anime's life. The first Kaiji book was published in 1996, and since then a live version movie was released in 2009 in Japan, He is undoubtedly one of the best gambling anime characters in the movie scene today.

One Outs

In this thrilling sports drama, the main character is a new gambling Anime and baseball pitcher that loves wagering on his own game. Toua Toguchi plays a simpler version of baseball called One Out. He lands in a predicament where the odds of the game are overwhelming. For every run he out-pitches he gets $45 000, but every run lost, he has to pay $455 000.

In this emotionally charged series, many sports fans will be sitting on the edge of their seats as you get drawn into the psychological battle our hero fights daily.

Death Parade

In this dark tale of the afterlife, the unpredictable bartender, Decim, holds the key to who lives and who is lost forever. In this series about reincarnation, you don't go to heaven. You get stuck in a supernatural bar where you have to gamble for your soul.

It is a perfect example of the complex nature of Anime movies. The characters are well developed, and their tales are often deep, dark, and offer twisting plots that keep you wondering about the outcome.

Akagi - The Genious Who Descended Into The Darkness

From the same author as Kaiji, comes another dark tale based on the character Akagi. Nongou is a compulsive gambler who has rounded up more than $27 000 in gambling debt. Out of desperation, he ends up playing high stakes Majong against the mafia.

He eventually has to wager his life, and a series of nail-biting events takes him on a dangerous adventure.

Legendary Gambler Tetsuya

This Anime is a true classic from the past. Tetsuya is a gambling traveller that pays his way by winning game after game of Majong in gambling parlours on his travels. He eventually finds himself in Shinjuku in 1947 where he meets a much older man with plenty of secrets to teach him.

This series focuses not only on Tetsuya's life but on the many secret trades that can better your game in Mahjong.

Saki Miyanaga

In this 25 episode series, you follow Saki as she plays for high stakes at new year's. Gambling away the money she saved for her family, this exciting journey is full of adventure and action.

This young Anime with her big blue eyes and pink pigtails has to learn how to balance between winning and losing in Mahjong and how to keep the perfect score. She is also invited to join her school's Mahjong club and faces many difficult decisions.

7 Anime Movies About Gambling

Stardust Crusaders

In episode 34 & 35 of Jojo's Bizare Adventures, a game of Poker has very high stakes. A mysterious man called D'arby plays for people's souls. Our hero, Jotaro, takes him on to win back the soul of not only Joseph but also all the other people that have lost against D'arby before.

D'arby does not like losing, but luckily Jotaro has his poker face and other moves. Another action-packed and nail-biting Anime series that will draw you into the life of the character.


Although these storylines are hand-drawn and computer-animated, it's not for children's entertainment. With the Anime’s about gambling, the characters have real-life problems and dilemmas, and you will get drawn into their lives until the very last episode. Get the popcorn ready and enjoy countless adventures of your favourite Anime characters!

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