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The 7 Best Soccer Anime Of All Time Posted Apr 29, 2021

The 7 Best Soccer Anime Of All Time

If you also are a big fan of soccer, but there are no matches of your favorite team right now on TV, how about unwinding with some anime? You could of course also take a break from soccer and just play some games at an online casino. In Japan, too, people are always in the hype about the round ball, so it is not surprising that there are so many anime shows about football. Therefore, today we present you the seven best soccer anime for the best entertainment.

1: Inazuma Eleven (2008)

Mamoru Endou is the captain of a football club that is about to be dissolved. Nobody at his school is enthusiastic about football and so the club does not even get a whole team together to compete against the overpowering Teikoku school. But when everyone else has almost given up, their captain draws new hope and starts a recruitment campaign, because the existence of the football club should depend on the game against Teikoku.

2: Hungry Heart: Wild Striker (2002)

Kyosuke Kanou is a sixteen-year-old teenager who is new to Jyoyo Akanegaoko High School. He started playing soccer as a young boy and loved the sport. In junior high school, however, he gave up his passion for personal reasons. His older brother is a great football idol in Japan and currently plays in Italy in the Italian first division, Serie A, for AC Milan. When Kyosuke is condemned to train the girls' soccer team at Jyoyo High School through a stupid incident, he realizes again how much he loves soccer. He joins the men's team of the Jyoyos and tries to build a good team with his new comrades. His goal is to become one of the best-attacking players in the world and to step out of the shadow of his brother.

3: Giant Killing (2010)

“Giant Killing” is about a diverse team from eastern Tokyo that plays in the best Japanese soccer league. The team is underground at the moment and is going through a very difficult time. They are in the lower part of the table and have already lost five games in a row. The many defeats hardly damage the team's morale, as it has long since been down. The "East Tokyo United" is now looking to blame the coach. However, this announces that he will leave his post after the next game if the team does not win. But they should play against the best team in the league, which makes the situation seem hopeless.

4. Whistle! (2002)

Shou Kazamatsuri is moving to the second year of junior high from the Musashinomori school, which has the strongest school football team in the region, to the Sakurai Jousui school, as he was on the third bench at Musashinomori and, despite tireless hard work, no more than basic football, fitness training or Cleaning balls and football boots could do. He also realized that his senpais in the soccer team did not take him seriously as a soccer player, not least because of his small height of 146 cm, nor did they see any future as a player at Musashinomori. Shou hopes to finally be able to play football properly by changing schools and to be able to develop his joy in football.

After initial problems, e.g. Shou, who has no match practice, is considered a former regular player by Musashinomori, Shou can assert himself after hard, tireless training in Sakurai Jousui and prove his newly acquired skills. In the further course, Shou can improve his skills and meets many other strong teams and players in tournaments with Sakurai Jousui, including Musashinomori. Many of these players meet again in a special training camp, from which a Tokyo selection team (Tokyo Senbatsu) is formed from the best players. After several games against high school teams, the Seoul Senbatsu versus Tokyo Senbatsu friendly is about to begin.

5. Aoki Densetsu Shoot! (Legendary blue shot!) (1993)

Toshihiko Tanaka, Kazuhiro Hiramatsu, and Kenji Shiraishi played football together at their old school where they were known as the “Trio Kakenishi”. They played great together, but in one game, in a semi-final of a championship, the team was disqualified because Kenji went crazy. Half a year later, the three, who are currently going their separate ways, meet again at the “Kakegawa High School”. Kazumi Endo, who always accompanied the three and is their best friend, talks to the three until they get along again and finally join the Kakegawa football team again to let the good old days blossom again.

6. Ginga e Kickoff !! (2012)

Football is Shou's life, but because there are too few players on his football team, it is quickly dissolved. But after he got to know a professional soccer player, Shou took courage and made every effort to bring back their soccer team with his former team members.

7: Area no Kishi (The Knight in the Area) (2012)

The story revolves around Kakeru Aizawa, the younger brother of Kamakura's soccer captain Suguru. Since Kakeru is of the opinion that he is unusable as a football player due to a lack of skill, he decides to become the manager of the school team in which his brother Suguru is the star player. His skills are so outstanding that he is even allowed to play for Japan's U-15 team. But Kakeru is also actually very talented, which he does not want to admit himself, only his brother recognizes his potential. That's why the two of them often quarrel. Then Nana, a former player from elementary school, shows up with them. All three had a childhood dream that they wanted to come true. But a tragic accident suddenly turned the life of the friends upside down.

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