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7 Best Ways to Spend Your Free Time as an Anime Fan Posted Apr 13, 2020

There’s no such thing as too much anime, at least if you are a true fan of the genre and always want to learn something new about it. Of course, not all anime content is created equal.

Some anime flicks don't just feel right. Or maybe you've read too many anime comic books and can't seem to find one that's unique. Here's your guide to enjoying anime without getting bored.

#1: Binge Classic Anime Movies

The anime movie industry is pretty much controlled by two companies: Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki. As such, it’s challenging to find a flick that doesn’t come from either developer.

That said, classic anime movies played a role in inspiring some of the biggest Japanese and Hollywood movies produced in the last decade. Ghost in the Shell, for example, gave inspiration to both the Matrix and Avatar.

Below is a list of more anime classics to binge watch in your free time:

  1. Akira (1988)
  2. Perfect Blue (1997)
  3. Metropolis (2001)
  4. Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind (1984)
  5. Grave of the Fireflies (1988)

Although many classic anime flicks are loosely based on life after World War II, some of them base their foundation in science. Others explore love, depression, celebrities and crime.

#2: Play a New Anime Video Game

If you love anime and play video games, you’ve undoubtedly played a Dragon Ball game at one time. Dragon Ball Fighter Z is arguable the most popular video game inspired by the popular show.

However, there are more Dragon Ball games out there. In fact, there are more anime games that you can play. For starters, there’s Ni No Kuni, Fire Emblem and Catherine. There are also popular tennis games with anime characters you need to try.

Then there is Dragon Quest 11, the latest sequel to a franchise that started years ago. Akira Toriyama, the legendary arts designer, developed the game’s graphics. Dragon Quest aside, also check out these titles:

  1. Blade & Soul
  2. Archeage
  3. Maple Story 2
  4. TERA

#3: Bet on an Anime Slot

Anime slots are much easier to play than their video game counterparts. In fact, you don’t need skills to play Fortune Girl, Koi Princess and Sakura Fortune anime slots. Instead, the basic requirement is to push buttons on a slot machine.

You can play the games for fun just to pass time. Or you can create an account at Dunder Casino and play a few games for real money. The casino welcomes new customers with bonuses, though.

That means you can still bet on the games to win real money but by using the casino’s cash. Nearly all casinos listed on beaverslots.com also gift newcomers with bonuses to play slots. So, if you finish up your free spins on Dunder, you can check out what offers these sites provide.

#4: Join an Anime Forum/Community

There are many perks to being a member of an anime community. First off, you get a forum to rank your favourite Dragon Ball characters. Then you'll have a place you can get ideas and recommendations on anything related to anime.

The first anime site to join is pretty explanatory: Anime Forums. You can enter boards and discuss on cosplays, TV shows, games or share your anime art. Animesuki is another great website to find people who love and cherish the same topics as you.

Additionally, below are more anime forums to consider joining:

  1. Crunchyroll
  2. MyAnimeList
  3. Reddit /r/Anime
  4. Absolute Anime/Community
  5. AniList

Of course, don’t just join a few of these forums. The joy of being in an anime forum is to be an active member. Not only will you learn more but you could also make a lot of friends.

#5: Create Anime Art

If you are like many anime fans, you’ve been tempted to draw some anime characters take on some online challenges. It’s the ‘in thing' on many forums, whether the artwork is done by hand or computer-generated.

Unfortunately, drawing anime is much more difficult than drawing regular objects. If you want to do it right, you must at least take free online lessons or practice tremendously. It helps to be a talented artist.

But if you are not the most gifted artist but still want to have fun drawing anime characters, go for it. Who knows? Your work could go viral and end up working for some of the largest anime content creators out there.

#6: Read an Anime Book

With more than 100 anime books written in English, Japanese or Korean, you have no reason not to read one. Most anime movies and video games you’ve played probably also have a book version of them.

So, if you’ve ever watched an anime flick and wanted to learn more about its storyline, find the book version. On book review website goodreads.com, you can find up to fifty anime books categorized into these sections:

  • Fiction books
  • Geeky Heroines with Romance
  • Light Novels
  • Comic Books
  • Best Manga Authors
  • Anime books adapted into TV anime
  • Vintique Books

All the 50+ books on Good Reads are accompanied by reviews from anime fans. So, if you are unsure of which book to read, pick the best-rated ones.

#7: Start an Anime Blog/Podcast/YouTube Channel

If you have plenty of free time, make good use of it by starting an anime blog. Alternatively, start a podcast or YouTube channel where you share the best anime content in a specific or general niche.

Anime has millions of fans, so producing top-notch content can earn you a significant amount of fandom on your platform.

With a blog, you might need some money to set up a website. However, you can do everything else, from content creation to marketing without spending a dime. Starting a podcast or YouTube channel also comes with some little initial cost.

But similar to running a website, the quality of your content is what matters. If you stand out in the content department and marketing, people will flood to your platform. But even if they don’t, having a small platform where you share anime content with friends is a great way to pass time.

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