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7 Themed Anime We Want To See More of in 2021 Posted Dec 21, 2020

Anime is a form of visual entertainment that is extremely popular worldwide. It has its own unique style and deepness that many people find amazing. Anime might seem like just cartoons to many, but it's so much more. Anime often tackle diverse themes that relate to our daily lives.

Anime started as a hand-drawn animation among the Japanese. Technological advancements made it computerized and that’s how it found its way to the gaming sector. Games themed on anime immerse games in the most thrilling and atmospheric adventure ever! Anime in iGaming boasts of captivating characters and impressive graphics that the audience can easily connect with.

Software developers are always looking for ways to make gaming fun. For some, the creation of themed anime games has proved to be an ideal strategy for achieving this. Anime-themed games aren’t as many as gamers would love. So, developers need to improve on this in 2021.

Adventure Anime

The genre is all about going on an adventure to certain places in search of treasures. In this anime, the main characters venture into different places with the objective to find a missing treasure, rescue a person or persons, and in general explore new places.

The characters face obstacles along the way and as a gamer, you are supposed to eliminate these obstacles to progress. Action-themed anime is not always about exploring and finding treasure. Some are about saving the world from heinous villains.

Adventure-based anime are so flexible and broad and can make gaming fun when used in a casino game.

Drama Anime

The aim of this anime is to bring a wave of different emotions to the gamer. The use of drama anime in games can connect gamers to the experiments of the game's characters, and this would be absolutely fun.

Imagine playing a game that evokes your emotions and feelings the same way that movies or music do. We can bet that this would be a great addition to gaming. Whether it is a trickle of feelings or a barrage of emotions, the goal of games based on this anime will be to touch gamers' hearts.

Since gamers are interested in games they can easily relate to, casinos should develop drama-themed anime games.

Magical Anime

Magic is all about magical things like spells, magic brooms and carpets and others. Also, it can include magical beings or sources that grant wishes and the good old sleeve tricks. Magical girls are the most popular in magic anime.

In the coming year, players would be happy to see more games based on this anime. Games themed on magic are quite a number so far. So, the iGaming sector already has an idea of where to start. The thrill of playing magic anime games will be unmatched.

Supernatural Anime

When we talk of this anime, we are referring to events or stuff that appear out of the blue and are odd to ordinary humans. Games with this theme can have mythical, bizarre, mystical or anything outside the accepted reality of human beings.

Supernatural stories and films are so popular today, so it is about time game designers created games inspired by this theme in 2021. A shadow of mystery is present in this anime and having games with it as the theme would add aspects of suspense to gaming.

Movie-themed Anime

Imagine being able to play a game that is based on your favourite film, but this time with elements of anime. Movie-based games are in plenty in the iGaming sector, but the number of those that are inspired by anime films is very few.

Anime movies have a broad audience around the world. So, if games based on this them will be made available in the market, they would attract a high number and also satisfy the needs of those wishing to play games themed on anime movies.

Gambling Related Anime

Gambling, in all its essence, is an activity that appeals to millions. The sector continues to draw more people each passing year, and next year the number might increase further. So, it goes without saying that creating games based on gambling anime would be a huge success.

Come 2021, casinos that create their own games need to think of ways they can create additional anime games that draw inspiration from the art of gambling. Casinos that work with software developers can encourage them to consider developing such games.

Meeting players' expectations is paramount and since many may be yearning for gambling anime games, the sector needs to provide exactly that. Nothing would be as fulfilling to players as finding a game based on an activity they are familiar with. If you haven't had the chance to play an anime-themed casino game these are 5 of the best gambling anime. Check them out.

Sci-Fi Anime

Science fiction is a popular genre not only in gaming but also in other industries. The genre showcases elements of scientific and technological developments in its storyline. Machines and different types of technology are vital staples of this anime that can be perfect in games.

The games can focus on the development of science and technology. These developments are visible in our everyday lives. So, featuring the anime in games would come as a relief to gamers who love Sci-Fi.

Besides, Sci-Fi is such an interesting topic, so even people with minimal information about it will find playing games themed on this anime enjoyable.Being one of the most discussed subjects in the contemporary world, games on Sci-Fi will receive a warm reception.

Sports Anime

Sports anime focuses on stories that involve sports and athletic activities. Next year, gamers would love to see games inspired by sports anime, featuring sports like football/soccer, basketball and horse racing.

The industry should develop anime games that feature sports and athletic personalities as the main characters. This would make playing and betting on the games delightful, more so to sports and athletic fans.

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