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A Beginner's Guide To Pokemon Go Posted Apr 28, 2020

Ever since Pokemon first appeared as a video game back in 1996 it has been a firm favourite with many fans around the world. Since then, the Pokemon franchise has grown with numerous TV shows, films, video games, trading cards, and merchandise. Over the years there have been some of the best Pokemon games released, from Pokemon Gold & Silver to Pokemon X & Y. Along with many other classic games, Pokemon has become one of the most successful video games franchises of all time with over 346 million copies sold worldwide.

Pokemon Go

Back in 2016, Pokemon Go was released for iOS and android and introduced fans to a whole new realistic gaming experience. This game featured augmented reality as players were able to train and catch their Pokemon in a variety of locations around the world. By mixing the real world with the virtual world, fans were able to walk around their local areas and come across a variety of Pokemon. When players came across a Pokemon that they wanted to catch for their collection, they were able to use PokeBalls and catch them on screen on their mobile device. As Pokemon Go is both free to play and easy to download and play, it made for a hugely popular video game among Pokemon fans.

Using a combination of your mobile, your GPS and your camera, you are able to encounter many Pokemon in the ‘wild’. Not only is the game fun and entertaining to play, but it also gets you out and active and socialising with other players. There are also many fun quests that you can take part in too such as the upcoming Pokemon Go Kanto Throwback Challenge 2020. With the quest steps explained by Eurogamer, their guide provides tips on how to complete this Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow inspired challenge. It’s apparently worth your while too, as unlike other quests, this challenge doesn’t result in an encounter with a new Pokemon, but instead something else well worth your while…

Which are the best Pokemon to use in Pokemon Go?

When you are taking down raids and tackling regular gyms in the game, there are many different Pokemon that you can use. According to Eurogamer, here are just some of the best attackers and defenders available in Pokemon Go:

  • Best Attackers - Mewtwo, Rayquaza, Kyogre
  • Best Defenders - Blissey, Metagross, Snorlax

Tips for playing Pokemon Go

  • Download the Pokemon Go app on iOs or Google Play and sign up for an account and customise your avatar.
  • Once you enter the main game area, you get an animated map of your area. Tap on the player icon for your character information. Your backpack contains what you've picked up on your journey. Your Pokedex gives you information on the Pokémon types. If you tap on the grey box you get to see nearby Pokemon.
  • Each type of area has its own Pokemon. In a water body area, you'll find water Pokemon. The more you move around, the more you will find.
  • The principles of the game are the same as was in the original - you have to find and catch as many different Pokemon types as possible. Whether you are searching for a Pikachu or Charmander, exploring different areas will help you find different Pokemon.
  • The more you play, the more skilled you become and as you progress the chance to catch rare Pokemon arises.
  • Gyms: are points of interest in the game, found globally, where trainers can battle the Pokemon of rival teams. They are where trainers from opposing teams battle against each other for control over the gym. Opposing teams can choose to take on the gym in the hopes of claiming the gym for their own team.
  • Raids: Raid Battles are when a Boss Pokemon takes over a gym. Your goal is to defeat this Pokemon and if you and fellow trainers are successful, then you will receive special items and have a chance at catching that Pokemon for your own collection. If you’re after any legendary and highly sought after Pokemon, then keep an eye on nearby raids that are happening near you.

There’s always something new happening with games, whether they are updates or new improved features. To have a look at what is new, different, and improved for the game, take a look at this useful guide on what is returning to Pokemon Go in 2020. If you’re someone who gave up playing back in 2016, maybe it’s time to get into playing again?

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