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A Look At The Anime Casino Art Niche Posted Mar 25, 2021

In the world of gambling, anime casino art has carved a niche for itself. Anime is a form of Japanese animation aimed at audiences like adolescents and older people. In it, everything is hand-drawn and later computerised with cinematographic effects.

Why has anime gained immense popularity?

The answer is simple - Manga Comics. The Japanese cartoon films and series around it showcase fantastic, romantic, and sometimes brutal stories to people, often different from the western world. The significant style element of enormous eyes with cute characters grab the attention of people.

A few different types of popular anime include

  1. 'Kodomo' - Anime for children
  2. 'Shoujo' – Anime for girls
  3. 'Shouten' – Anime for boys
  4. 'Hentai' – Anime with adult content

Some Asian casinos combined it into casino art by engaging developer studios to design slot games around it. Simplistic slot games with attractive-anime characters and a wide range of betting options (£0.25 to £200) make it a favourite among people everywhere.

Are you interested in playing slot games containing anime casino art?

You can find some anime-themed slot games along with various online slots sites with play-for-free options here!

Sakura Fortune (Quickspin)

It's a video slot game with 5-reel and 40 pay lines. It has many great features in the game - Bonus Game, Free spin icons (dragons, samurai, and geishas), Wild and Scatter symbols. It uses anime casino art with 3D-like graphics and a relaxing Japanese musical background to induce people to play. It has the highest RTP of 96.58% in anime casino-art slot games.

Moon Princess (Play'n Go)

It a slot game with 5-reels and 5-rows and has a bonus and free spin features. The superpowers of princesses also turn symbols in your favour. It has an RTP of 96.5%.

Ninja Ways (Big Tiger Gaming)

It's a slot game with six reels and four rows. In it, if you get three identical symbols from left to right, you win. It slot game has free spins and wild bonus features with payout ratios of 96.03%.

Koi Princess (NetEnt.)

It's a slot game with 5-reel and 20 pay lines. The anime casino art of princess herself (on the side of the slot) cheers you every time you have some prize to win. It has four random features in the game - 5-Hit, Random Wilds, Wild Reels, and a Bonus game activation to win a random bonus feature. It has an RTP of 96%.

Fortune Girl (Microgaming)

It's another video slot with an anime-theme containing 5-reel and15 pay lines. It has brilliant features like Free Spins and a 'Mystery Symbol' in the shape of a round golden door to bring you some extra wins. It has an RTP of 95.86%.


Take a look at the anime casino art today!

Remember, even though anime casino art revolves around schoolchildren and minors, it does not intend to attract younger audiences. It's strictly for adults to enjoy slot games with anime casino art.

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