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A Look At The Best Manga-Inspired Online And Video Games Posted Sep 5, 2019

As manga has gained a growing mainstream following, game developers have been quick to seize upon the opportunities that this unique medium can bring, both in terms of artistic style and storytelling. The simultaneous growth of the online gaming market, particularly in the mobile gaming sector, means there’s never been a better choice of games out there to choose from. Here are five that you simply have to check out.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Here’s a game that has genuinely taken the world by storm, and is a familiar title even to those who have no knowledge of or interest in anime and manga. Of course, the title first appeared on the Nintendo back in the last century, but this mobile gaming version is all new and shows, as much as anything else, how Nintendo is moving with the times. Particularly gratifying is the way this game manages to retain all the strategic and stylistic qualities that made the original a classic. Yet by re-imagining it for Android and iOS, new gamers get to benefit from intuitive and simple touchscreen controls. For lovers of the old game, all the familiar names from the past are there – it’s like being reunited with old friends, but in a whole new environment.

Fate/Grand Order

If RPG is your game genre of choice, then Fate/Grand Order is the one for you. It’s based on an old-school card-based game, but brought to stunning 3D life for Android and iOS by Delightwords. The player takes on the role of a "Master," and is able to both summon and command a whole range of familiars to battle his enemies. The narrative runs in visual novel format and is an absolute joy for the eyes. The game has been a massive hit in Japan, and last year, passed the $3 billion mark in global revenue.

Bleach: Brave Souls

The Bleach manga might have finally come to an end, but fans can relive their favorite characters’ finest moments and guide them through entirely new experiences in this mobile game, which was first released in 2017. Assemble your team of ghost busters and get those invaders from the afterlife back where they belong!

Ninja Lady

Manga has become particularly prevalent in the casino sector, where you’ll find a range of slot games that use manga characters and style. A particular favorite is this classic from Konami, the gaming Masters of Manga. OK, so it is not the most sophisticated of virtual slots on the market, but it was one of the first to hit the mainstream, and the three reel format is great for some old-fashioned fun. Who knows, maybe the Ninja lady was the inspiration behind Ninja Casino, where you can explore other Manga-inspired slot games like Moon Princess.

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!

Finally, something completely different. Manga-themed games are not just about fantasy worlds and adventures. Ever wondered how Rock Band would look if it included anime characters? Well BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! answers your question, and combines addictive anime music with fabulous 3D graphics. Already a big hit in Asia, the English language version went on general release last year.

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