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Advertise your anime account! Posted Jan 23, 2019

If you want to become an important anime artist, you can follow these tips to advertise your work.

Advertising on Facebook works about the same as on Google AdWords. You work on the following levels:

  • Account: this is the business page you advertise for. You can manage multiple company pages per individual Facebook account. You can also have various advertising accounts under one administrator account: a so-called MCC account (My Client Center account).
  • Campaign: At the campaign level, you set up your advertising sets, just like with AdWords. In those campaigns, you process your objectives, your purchase type, and your spending limit. For example, you can set up a campaign if you want to promote a certain kind of content, such as an article or an offer.
  • Creative set: multiple advertising sets fall under your campaigns. These are merely nothing more than different sets for your ads. In your advertising set, you can indicate what your budget is for those ads, the targeting, the planning, and the placements such as Facebook's feed overview, Instagram, and other places like in Facebook articles.
  • Advertisements: these are obviously the advertisements that you show to your target group. This is where the creative part comes in: you decide what type of publicity it will be, where you choose between images, videos, carousels, and so on. You also determine to which site you want your target group to go, which text belongs to it, and possibly which tracking data you want to include, such as the Google Pixel.

Advantages of advertising within Facebook & Instagram:

  • Many creative possibilities
  • Huge reach, because almost everyone in the US uses Facebook and/or Instagram. To reach more audience, you can buy likes on Instagram to increase your visibility on Instagram.
  • Via Instagram, you can reach an extra target group, especially on mobile devices
  • The targeting is precise, so you can continue to optimize almost endlessly
  • You can save tracking data through Facebook Pixel.


  • The competition is very high; almost everyone wants to advertise on Facebook
  • The reach of advertising and business updates is decreasing significantly because Facebook mainly wants to show user updates.
Advertise your anime account!

Advertise on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the channel for professionals and individual advertisers. The targeting capabilities on a professional level are particular. You can approach people by job title, level, company size, company name, and so on. If you’re looking for professional artists to collaborate with, this is the place to be!

LinkedIn works about the same as Facebook, regarding account structure. As soon as you click on one of your campaigns, you can choose from 4 tabs:

  • Achievements: Here you will find an overview of the performance of your campaign. Performance shows you data related to the number of conversions, views, clicks, social actions and total expenses.
  • Advertisements: on LinkedIn, you do not work with ad groups. You immediately create a few ads per campaign. Those advertisements will therefore always rotate.

    You can choose LinkedIn to sponsor an existing message or to create a new message. There are no other visual options to make your ad stand out: it will have the same appearance as the 'normal' organic results in the feed.

  • Target group: you define who should see your ads. The nice thing about LinkedIn is that you can import a list of e-mail addresses. This allows you to enter robust targeting, for example, all your existing leads.

    Within the Target Group Targeting of LinkedIn you can set up precise targeting, on a whole range of data:

    This professional targeting is why LinkedIn is so exciting, especially when you are active in business and you want to focus on individual business characteristics.

  • Bid and budget: of course you determine here how much you have left for your campaign. In LinkedIn, you have two bid strategies at your disposal: CPC (cost per click), and CPM (cost per thousand views). Unfortunately, the minimum price per click with LinkedIn is much higher than with Facebook.

Benefits of advertising within LinkedIn:

  • The opportunities for targeting on LinkedIn are excellent. You can focus many specific details to ensure that your ad is guaranteed to reach your target audience
  • People with a professional attitude are on LinkedIn. They do not come on the platform for distraction or pleasure, but rather to keep their professionalism going. As a result, the mindset is very different than for example on Facebook or Instagram.
  • LinkedIn is a vast network where almost all professionals in the US are present, especially in the business, higher class of the US.


  • The average cost per click is much higher compared to AdWords and Facebook.
  • The layout of the campaigns can become quite unstructured if you do not keep it neat.
  • Importing data such as website visitors still does not want to work as well as for example with Facebook.

Advertise on Twitter

Advertising via Twitter is a separate case. Although Twitter itself does not use an algorithm, the ads do appear in this way in the feed, or timeline, of the users. They are therefore not time-bound.

You can provide sponsored tweets with a lot of extras: so-called Twitter Cards. In the Cards library you have the choice between four different types of Cards: Website, Video website, Image app, and Video app. You then provide these Cards with an extra header, URL or app that you want to promote.

Twitter is also based on different levels:

  • Campaigns;
  • Ad groups;
  • Advertisements: here you choose to promote an existing tweet (without a Card), or to create a new Card;
  • Audience: You can also indicate here whether you want to target people who follow certain accounts.

Advantages of advertising within Twitter:

  • Twitter is a medium that is used a lot on mobile devices. Indeed, based on hashtags around events and happenings it is interesting to respond to tweets.
  • Twitter offers proper location targeting, allowing you to approach people who are present at an exhibition with relevant updates.
  • The advertising costs on Twitter are low.
  • To promote an app or other mobile services, Cards are excellent to use.


  • Twitter is not that popular anymore. You will not reach many people (anymore).
  • Because Twitter is mainly used on mobile devices, few final conversions will take place.
  • The structure of the advertising environment is not as stable as that of Facebook, for example.


Think about who your target audience is before you start advertising your anime page.

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