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An Otaku’s Guide To Collecting Anime Merchandise Posted Jun 18, 2021

Have you been slipping into the realms of Otaku culture? If yes, that doesn’t really come as a surprise because a lot of people have gone ‘otaku,’ as they call it. By definition, ‘otaku’ is a Japanese word that refers to a person who has fanatical interests in a wide variety of topics but mostly particular to the manga and anime fandoms.

An Otaku’s Guide To Collecting Anime Merchandise

Otaku 101

Being an otaku isn’t just about liking anime and manga—there needs to be a certain level of dedication and obsession over these cultures. A lot of otaku people measure their addiction to the fandom by the amount of collection they have.

Anime merchandises are highly well-sought by anime aficionados. If you’re wondering how to start building your own collection, read on for some tips below:

1. Do Your Research on Anime Backgrounds

Before you can start building a massive collection of anime merchandise, you need to start somewhere. You have to know the different anime characters and figures that you can choose from so that you can direct your focus on a few characters at first. From there, you can start building your way up as you educate yourself further.

Some otakus base their collection on current trends. For example, if Dragon Balls are so popular these days, they’ll probably hoard a few of those figures from their favorite hobby shops. Make sure you do your research well in terms of finding out the prices of the items you want to hoard so you won’t be ripped off.

2. Don’t Just Focus on Figures and Collectibles

A true-blooded otaku can apply their passion in other ways and not just anime figures, to say the least. If you want to be easily identified as an anime lover, you can start collecting thematic clothes and apparel, as well.

There are several references and sources online that can point you in the right direction, such as the Mugen Anime Apparel & Clothing. These online sources offer a huge selection of anime-inspired clothing, streetwear, and merch that you can mix and match for everyday use.

Don’t you just like it when people see you wearing your favorite Naruto hoodie and beanie? They’ll immediately peg you as an anime collector, and other otakus can also instantly relate to you.

An Otaku’s Guide To Collecting Anime Merchandise

3. Learn How to Haggle

One factor to consider when building a collection is your budget. You may think that having a limited budget can affect your capacity to collect anime merchandise, but that’s not entirely true. The key is to know the right price range for every item and trying to haggle for them when given a chance. Unless, of course, if you prefer to collect rare or collector’s item pieces because that means you’ll need to shell out a bit extra for that.

4. Join Anime Communities

The good thing about being a fan of any sort these days is that you’re never alone in your obsession. You can always find people who are into the same addiction as you have. Otakus around the world are gaining momentum, and you can surely find a community that you can join, specifically online.

There are blog sites and social media groups that are built for anime obsession and fandoms. Just doing a simple Google search can help you get an idea of what these groups and sites are. If you’re lucky, you can even find ones that are in your local area, so you can easily meet up with them to talk about anime and other related topics. Who knows? You might even find your own Otaku girl or boy through those communities. It’s certainly exciting to find someone who shares your interest in anime.

Familiarizing Yourself with the Anime Fandom

It’s not enough that you’re wearing your anime merchandise anywhere you go. An anime aficionado should also be familiar with anime and all the different shows, stories, series, and manga that revolve around it. You can read books and magazines that talk about anime.

Through extensive research, you can get a glimpse of what the different anime are available, and maybe you can pick a few favorites that you can get started on. Watch series at home and make sure you immerse yourself in them. You can buy DVDs or subscribe to streaming services like Crunchyroll. Netflix also has several anime series that you can check out.


The world of anime and manga is indeed fascinating. More and more otakus are drawn to it as days pass, and if you’re turning into one, you should educate yourself first before you jump into the bandwagon. Doing your research is highly recommended. Learn about the current trends and prices of anime collectibles. You can also add anime-inspired clothes and apparel to your collection.

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