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Anime About Relationships Posted Dec 28, 2020

Watching anime as a couple is a great pastime when you’d like to indulge in an activity together but feel too lazy to go out. Animes make a great alternative to watching old-fashioned TV shows or movies, which are very lengthy and tedious after a while. Moreover, there are a variety of genres you can indulge in. Many users from various dating platforms like https://www.flirt.com/ rate watching anime as one of the best options for a geeky audience. Be it a spontaneous choice or a planned one, you’ll never run out of inspiring titles to watch.

The best solution when it comes to watching anime as a couple is to watch romantic comedies! Recommendations may differ, but to explore more about anime, get advice on what to watch, and read about your favorite characters, you can go to absoluteanime.com. And here’s our top list:


Clannad is one of the best titles to watch if you are ready to smile and to cry a bit. It is a two-part series; one is named Clannad, and the other Clannad: After Story. The anime is a masterful adaptation of a Japanese visual novel.

Your Lie in April (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso)

This anime is about romance, tragedy, and music. Music is a way of expressing yourself and connecting with others. Your Lie in April provides a perfect blend between the two and serves as a little tear-jerker.

My love story!! (Ore Monogatari!!)

My love story is the best romantic comedy to watch as a couple. You’ll find yourself laughing every episode. The anime depicts a story of a gorgeous girl in love with a unique-looking (albeit not really handsome) guy with the moral and twist concerning the ‘understanding of love.’

Say “I Love You” (Sukkite Ii Na Yo)

If you’ve read the manga for Say “I Love You,” you know it’s one of the best sellers in the relationship romance genre. The anime is adapted from the manga. The story revolves around the relationship’s dynamic between Mei, an extremely introverted girl, and Yamato, an amazingly popular guy with an outgoing personality.

From me to you (Kimi ni Todoke)

Kimi ni Todoke is one of the classics, still loved today. It follows a plot very similar to that of Say “I Love You.” However, in Kimi ni Todoke the lead female named Sawako is unpopular due to the aura she exhibits. The story revolves around how she learns to get along with her classmates’ thanks to her boyfriend, Shouta.


Nana is classic romance anime, loved by its audience for its accurate depiction of the women’s mind. It covers all aspects of love, drama, and everything in between. This anime tells the tale of two girls named “Nana” – they are neighbors and friends. Still, their relationships in life are drastically different, bringing an exciting contrast to the story.


If you’re aware of the four most popular types of anime girls - Tusundre, Yandere, Dandre, and Kuudere, you’d instantly recognize all of the archetypes in Toradora’s characters. The story features a female protagonist with a Tusundre personality. This flick’s story is a breath of fresh air compared to the “conventional” anime that features “love at first sight” and a shy girl vs. a popular guy. We hope you found an anime you liked! Stay tuned to receive more recommendations about titles from all genres.

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