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Anime Character Stereotypes You Never Spot in Real Life Posted Mar 18, 2020

Anime has a habit of being able to teach valuable life lessons and provide a moral compass. It is also known to resound well with the younger generations because many of the narratives of anime tend to focus on contemporary issues, such as the lack of money, relationship issues and more.

However, sometimes there are anime characters and stereotypes that are not as realistic as their storylines. Here we bring you anime stereotypes from your favorite anime TV series, video games and anime casino games.

Read about these stereotypes below and look out for them when you next watch anime, play games or visit CompareCasino for the top online gambling sites.

1. Overly Polite

Many anime characters have excessive levels of politeness. The reason for this causes people to point to Japanese culture. While it is true that Japanese people have exceptional manners and are polite people, on the whole, the politeness in anime oversteps the reality. If you have ever taken a rush-hour train in Japan, you will know that Japanese people, while remaining politer than others, are not as polite as anime leads us to believe.

2. Unique and Crazy Hair

Anime characters don't just tend to have colorful hair that most of us would not dare to - or be able to - pull off, but the hairstyles of anime characters tend to also be over the top. Most often, the hairstyles are very tall, and some even define the laws of gravity. You are more likely to have your head turned for a unique hairstyle while watching anime than walking through your urban jungle.

3. Mini Skirts (Whatever the Weather)

Some cities in the world have a reputation for the boys and girls wearing very little clothing in the winter months, especially when enjoying a big night out with friends at the local clubs. Yet, anime females tend to be ready to go flirty dancing any time, any place, and whatever the weather.

This is one of the things that have made anime overly sexualised in some people’s eyes and have contributed to the sexualised stereotype of the niche in general. It’s also why watching anime films with your special someone may be popular?

4. Bespoke School Uniforms

For those of us that had to wear a school uniform when attending school, we know that steering far from the rules could land us in hot water. Detentions and writing liens were the typical punishment for students trying to create a unique uniform that was more fashionable than the school hoped for.

In anime, the school kids all seem to have unique uniforms that have been personalized with rips in the trousers, dashes of color and jewelry. This may go unnoticed with those anime headteachers, but it is never this good for the kids in the real world.

Recognize them? These characters are common on-screen but hard to find in reality!

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