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Check out anime-themed games over at Wizard Slots! Posted Feb 6, 2018

Since its inception, the online casino market has become flooded with traditional themes such as medieval, Egyptian and fantasy slots. However, anime fans and those looking for something new are in luck! There has been a huge development in new and exciting genres across the gaming industry including anime. Since their launch in 2016, Wizard Slots has conjured up a huge variety of slot-based fun across a huge number of genres with over 300 slot games currently available on the site.

Dare you enter the Wizard’s nefarious layer and try your hand at 400 themed slots? Even if you perform a feat of true magic and manage to conquer all 400, each slot is constantly updated meaning each spellbinding experience is different and more varied than the next.

If you’re already a fan of anime AND slots even better! There is a huge range of 5 reel and 3 reel slots available for you to enjoy ranging from traditional fruit symbol slots to more interesting themed slots. Dive into Chinese-themed folklore with Fae Legend Warrior or Red Dragon and explore the treacherous jungles of Mexico in search of plunder in Gonzo’s Quest.

Over the years gambling responsibly from home has become an ever popular past time, helping to create the thrill of spinning in a real life casino full of exciting slot machine action. Below are some examples of the best online Anime-themed slots to get stuck in to.

Crazy 88 (5 Reels, 21 Paylines)

Anime is an extremely creative and imaginative pursuit, with weird and wacky themes and characters. Enter Crazy 88, an off-the-wall music game with anime characters and catchy background music. Easy to play and tons of fun, this slot is a perfect entry into the unique and quirky world of anime-themed slots.

Evangelion (5 Reels, 1024 Paylines)

Based on one of the most successful and well-known anime series of all time: Neon Genesis Evangelion, this slot features anime-style graphics and the standout characters from the show. This includes all of the infamous Eva pilots: Shinji, Rei, Asuka and Mari.

Ghost in the Shell (5 Reels, 9 Paylines, Progressive Jackpot)

Having recently been turned into a Hollywood movie starring Scarlett Johansson now is the best time to get back to the Ghost in the Shell franchise! Much like the Evangelion slot, the main characters from the TV show represent the high value symbols in this game. Developer 888 have given this slot a progressive jackpot meaning the player can randomly win the jackpot without the usual skill required. Overall this slot stays true to its anime roots and provides a stimulating visual and auditory experience.

With vibrant graphics and instantly recognizable characters, its no surprise the technology used to create popular Japanese animated shows would translate over to online slots. These games have quickly become huge hits in the slots world with the biggest developers continuing to bring out new anime-themed games. Whether you’re a newcomer or die-hard fan you owe it to yourself to check these games out.

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