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Are you sure about the safety of downloaded software? Posted Nov 8, 2019

Are you sure about the safety of downloaded software?

Sometimes you might be wondering if the software that you have downloaded is safe, right? Well, you need to identify trusted sites that guarantee you safe software. Therefore before you start downloading any free software, you need to be sure that you are not letting a virus into your computer. You need to get a clear scope of the software that you are downloading. Therefore in this article, I have provided a list of some reputable and trusted sites that can see you through safe and genuine software.


This is among the most visited and trusted site from which you can download software on the internet today. Filehippo tests all software for maleware, adware, and virus and doesn't add anything extra to the original software. Plus, all of the software is hand-picked, they do not accept software submissions so whatever you download you know it will be a quality product.


Most people term it as an encyclopedia of both free and paid software. This site does not allow any modification to the original software. The software on this site is the ones that were handed over by the developers. They also ensure all the software is updated daily to ensure you get the latest version with improved features which is not prone to malware attacks. Therefore, you can use this site to counter check only clean software. The good thing about Softpedia is that it provides user experiences and ratings so that you can have an overview of every software that you need to download.


Fosshub is the most trustworthy site on the internet today that only lists free software. It only offers direct download links to avoid unnecessary ads that can land you to malware sites. You will also experience faster downloads and user reviews to help you make an appropriate decision. The software is often updated so that you can enjoy the latest features to help you accomplish tasks effectively.


This is a reputable and authentic site that is free from viruses that can harm your computer. The rocketfiles provide a platform where you can download genuine and free software on your computer. The software available on this site is compatible with Windows.

CNET Download

I know you might have come across CNET downloads when you were searching for free software, right? Well, this is a trusted site that is free of bugs and viruses. Their software is updated as per the latest version that is available in the market. The site has a simple interface and allows for faster downloads to eliminate cases of waiting for long periods of time when installing the software. Additionally, their reviews are also useful.

QP Dowload

If you are looking for a genuine and virus free site, then I can recommend QP Download. It offers faster downloads and its software has not been modified. You will also download it directly from the interface by only visiting the site and selecting your preferred software. You don’t have to worry about malware attacks because all that has been taken care of by QP Download.


This is the ultimate option where you are guaranteed safe and genuine software. You can also install bulk software all at once, so if that's appealing then this is the best choice. After visiting this site, you will make a selection of the software that you need and then download the software. Afterward, a custom installer will be generated to help you install the selected software from Ninite. Don't worry about waiting time because the whole process is fast and efficient.


This is the free and official Microsoft site where you can install free and genuine software. You will also get to accessed other useful service packs that improve the functionality of your computer.


Don’t be a victim of malware attacks as not all the sites you see on the internet are genuine. You might live to regret downloading software from a bad site. The list that I have provided should be among your top preferred options because you will get software which is safe and free from viruses. There are of course other safe genuine sites that are not on the list, so the most important thing is to research the site before you start downloading the software.

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