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The Best 10 Educational Anime Posted Jul 4, 2019

Firey explosions and action-packed Dragon Ball Z, or 1995 classic Ghost in a Shell that recently got a movie starring Scarlet Johansson, or maybe Death Note or Pokemon. These are some of the most popular Anime series and movies.

The specific animation style and characters with pointy hair, big eyes with sometimes eccentric non-linear cartoon style and plot originate from Japanese animation and comic book. Anime is wildly popular in the Far East, but it has spread its influence all over the world with quality classic series.

The Best 10 Educational Anime

There is a lot of anime that have educational content, and watching some of the premium series could be a useful learning experience.

Best educational anime

Captivating style, great plot, and abundant content make Anime series highly addictive. Fans of this animation genre are mostly die-hard enthusiasts. Besides the addictive part, educational Anime can help in developing the creative abilities of students. Anime could help but cannot replace actual studying. If you are a student and you lose track of time while watching anime, you should always have a backup for quality writing of essays at custom research paper service at EduBirdie or freelance platforms.

But being late on a couple of essays shouldn’t distract yours from educational anime. These are some of the best.

Spice & Wolf

This series focuses on Kraft Lawrence businessman who meets and befriends harvest goddess Holo. In their travels through castles and towns, they barter with their goods to make a profit and travel the world. Spice & Wolf anime series could teach you a thing or two about business transactions, currency exchange, and the stock market.

Cells at Work!

Cells at Work! are the self-explanatory title. Still dramatic and fun, this Anime showcase how the cells in your body work, protect you, and fight germs. It goes in-depth and with a scientific explanation about different processes in your body.


Biology-based anime with a focus on bacteria and other microbes. Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture follow student Sawaki Tadayasu who can interact with bacteria. In every episode, Sawaki explores the role of bacteria in everyday life, from digesting foot to making homemade Sake.

Silver Spoon

Similar to Moyashimon, Silver Spoon follows Hachiken who enrolled in Hokkaido agricultural school to get away from his family. Once there, the main character learns how a chicken lays eggs on how to make dairy products, raise pigs, and other farm life stories.

Uchuu Kyoudai

Praised for its factual accuracy and real representation of sites like Kennedy Space Center, Uchuu Kyoudai is shown taking place in near future and revolving around Space Brothers. Besides getting behind the scenes look of how to be an astronaut, you could learn about moon geology, space condition, physics, rocket engines, and other space travel related issues.

Food Wars

Food Wars showcase the life of chefs. Educational, but at the same time funny and full of action view on cooking. Food Wars goes into the philosophy of cooking, but also gives recipes, so you could learn a lot about making a professional meal.

Sports Anime

Haikyuu gives a detailed representation of volleyball, with accurate moves, tactics, and ideas behind this sport. Prince of Tennis is a similar Anime, but as the title says dedicated to tennis. You can learn the rules, the training process, and the techniques. Other sport related anime include Diamond no Ace for baseball, Hajime no Ippo that revolves around boxing, basketball cartoon Kuroko no Basuke, Eyeshield 21 about American Football, and Ping Pong the Animation.

Sound! Euphonium

The story follows a high school band that tries to qualify for Nationals. The music Anime will teach you about breathing, lip slur, and even a thing or two about solfege.

Subete ga F ni Naru

Great series that has a murder mystery wrapped around evil genius Michiko Magata. The character needs to solve math and logic to find the murderer hidden on the Island.

Michiko & Hatchin

Aftermath, music, and sport, Michiko & Hatchin have an emphasis on learning languages. Each episode has a Portuguese title card, and Portuguese slang words are used in the adventure of criminal Michiko. It doesn’t go deep as some other educational Anime but could be an excellent jumpstart for learning the language.

The Best 10 Educational Anime

Along with our top educational anime, we have some honorable mentions. Hyouge Mono focuses on Japanese history, Bakuman describes how Manga is created, and Shirobako does the same for anime. A bartender can teach you how to make cocktails, and Serial Experiments Lain revolves around Computer Science.


Anime is one of the most popular subgenres of cartoons, with a high number of popular series and movies. Deep storylines, detailed approach to the subject and the artistic style of anime could help students learn about numerous topics from math, biology to history, and sport. With anime, you will get insight into Japanese culture and exceptional animation style. In educational anime, the plot, fun, and entertainment factors are still present, and you can learn through captivating stories. The fun characters in teen anime are easy to relate to if you are a high-school student.

Guest article written by: Alvin Franklin is a creative professional, long time freelance blog post and article writer. Specialized in world heritage and culture, he thrives in topics revolving around culture, education, and literature. His mission is to absorb the complex nature of different art forms and introduce them to the audience.

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