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Best Anime About College Life Posted Dec 12, 2019

Arguably outstanding and ever-evolving, the anime industry has been pleasing viewers’ most extraordinary tastes and preferences for animated movies for over a century now. Its spectacular art style and fascinating stories captivate the minds of people eager to spice up their lives with this idiosyncratic form of actual Japanese pop art. Whether its cartoon-crazy students who put off their academic duties and order college essay services from writing companies or successful entrepreneurs taking some time to indulge in their favorite anime cartoons. But, let’s face it, this rich animation genre is far more avidly embraced by the first category of people we mentioned here – college kids. Yes, seeking some good outlet from their hectic studying “rituals,” students don’t mind engaging in the spell-binding universe of Japanese culture presented through the fantasy perspective and with the help of aptly generated animation.

As we have dedicated enough text to the remarkability of the anime genre, it’s high time we moved on to listing the most popular and striking anime series featuring the abode of ravishing student life – college!

1. Genshiken, 2002

Revolving around a college anime club that gathers a bunch of students obsesses with this form of media entertainment, Genshiken hooks the viewer with its heartfelt atmosphere, bright characters, and vibrant plot. Each of the club members possesses their unique worldview as well as the attitude toward the passion they all share – the anime genre. This noteworthy anime product provides a casual look at the everyday college routine of the club kids, replete with unforgettable and radiant moments.

2. Nodame Cantabile, 2006

For students, this distinctive and breathtaking piece of animated filmmaking will indeed serve as a great option for taking a break from their university havoc. Nodame Cantabile focuses on a peculiar friendship of two seemingly different music students, with one being a gifted slacker and another, who pulls out all the stops to accomplish success in his musical endeavors. The series takes a pretty unconventional approach to portraying an innocent and love-powered relationship between the two teens, giving viewers a heart-warming experience of witnessing genuine feelings sparking in two young and aspiring college kids.

3. Honey&Clover, 2009

Balancing between amusement and angst, this mind-bending series gains an in-depth insight into the salient matters of teenage life: love, friendship, betrayal, and, of course the incomparable college moments. Honey&Clover probes deep into the challenges and complexities of adolescence through its sprightly characters and provides the audience with its unique viewpoint on the phenomena of good and evil amid the open-minded and highly vulnerable teenage population.

4. The Tatami Galaxy, 2004

Another prominent campus anime series, The Tatami Galaxy introduces the viewer to a wonderful fantastic story set in one of Japan’s leading universities and featuring the plot device of parallel universes. This anime centers around the problems of wasted moments and lost years that it demonstrates through its protagonist, a third-year college who gets a chance to visit different worlds, which allows him to relive his past experience and experiment with them. The emotional intensity and powerful philosophical message that this series is marked by make The Tatami Galaxy an appealing and outstanding piece of animated fimmaking about college life.

5. Maison Ikkoku

Pure love breaks the limits and conventions that people are boxed in. This insightful and touching romance anime brilliantly shows a how a recent widow and an open-hearted college boy develop a strong mental and emotional connection as they grow fond of each other at the backdrop of their personal and social struggles. Maison Ikkoku is a remarkable bitter-sweet romantic drama displaying the ups and down of love and passion during teenage years.

It’s a Wrap!

The hype surrounding the anime culture has only increased over the years. The peculiar beauty of Japanese animation art can’t but entrap the fans of cartoons, letting them explore a totally different genre of animated filmmaking genre and plunge into the magic of the Land of the Rising Sun.

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