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Best Gambling Anime to Watch in 2020 Posted Jan 21, 2020

When it comes to anime, gambling is not so popular, but when the topic comes up, it’s quite interesting. Maybe you’re wondering what anime games contain gambling reference. Just like you, many people would be interested in the answer. Luckily for you, this article discusses the best gambling anime to watch in 2020.

Some of the anime discussed in this list are old, while others are modern and inspired by gambling movies and online casinos. Try and not to get frustrated if your favorite anime doesn’t appear on this list. Not appearing in the chart doesn’t make it any less entertaining.


Also known as the compulsive gambler, this manga creation dates back in 2014, but was debuted as anime in 2018.  The first season of the anime series received a lot of airplay for the big screens. In January 2019, a second season of the series was released and often airs on Netflix.

The setting of this anime takes place in a private academy, Hyakkaou, where kids from privileged backgrounds learn high-end gambling tactics. The students are judged according to their gambling capabilities, with those who suck at it getting humiliated by becoming “ouse pets” for their schoolmates. Things get interesting when a transfer student, Yumeko Jabani, who loves gambling, joins the institution and turns everything upside down.

Kaija: Ultimate Survivor

Just like the life of Iratsume changes forever when her soul joins with that of Prince Otsu in the Book of Dead, the experience of Kaija changes when he boards a cruise ship and enters hairy gambling activity. The film starts where the hero of the story, Kaija, is facing a lot of personal problems that make him migrate to Tokyo in pursuit of a fresh start. That, however, doesn’t happen as the Yakuza appears out of nowhere and tricks him into paying a friend’s debt.

The series first aired in 2007 and 2008 with subsequent action movies airing in 2009 and 2011. If you love gambling anime, look forward to six omnibus volumes to be published in North America, with the first one already released in April 219.

Death Parade

Unlike the regular gambling tactic you’re used to, Death Parade offers a unique gambling concept. He bettors think they’re making good bets, but the stakes are ways for Decim to judge them. Decim, a judge for deciding whether people’s souls are obliterated or reincarnated, uses the games to watch the people’s behavior.

Watching them when they play creates an excellent opportunity to decide the fate of their souls since they think everything is the line. However,  as the series progresses, Decim starts to question the validity of his tactics. There’re speculations that there might be Death Parade season 2 in the Fall of 2020, so better stay alert just in case this turns out to be true.

One Outs

This manga anime was first published from 1998 to 2006 and was relaunched in 2008 and received its anime adaptation. It features Toua Tokuchi, a gambling expert and also a fanatic of a simplified form of baseball known as One Outs. Tokuchi agrees to pitch for the weakest team in Japan, but with some rather odd contract stipulations and unusual tactics of playing the game.

The anime combines sports and gambling in unique ways, and you’ll enjoy as you watch Tokuchi draw people into his gambling as well as the mischief he causes. The anime is appealing to both baseball and gambling lovers, and if you haven’t watched it yet, you should see in 2020.

Legendary Gambler Tetsuya

The anime features the protagonist, Legendary Gambler Tetsuya, who defeats opponents with ease after the World War 2 aftermath. He uses his skills to his advantage to accumulate more than enough wealth as others around him struggle in devastation after the tumultuous struggle. However, even the mightiest fall and for Tetsuya, his defeat comes from Boushu-san. He’s shocked by this defeat as he learns that he doesn’t know much about Mahjong as he thought. He, therefore, dedicates his life to making a triumphant comeback to the game.

Bottom Line

Although you can lose money in gambling, it also offers an exhilarating experience. But you can increase your chances of winning high stakes by planning cheats, bluffing, and mastering the tricks of winning. The secret to enjoying gambling is learning what rules in different regions, with poker ruling the West and Mahjong taking over on-screen gaming in Japan.

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