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Best Mobile Sport Games Posted Aug 10, 2020

Mobile sports games have become popular over the past decade. Game developers have shifted to the freemium model of late. Gamers can find interesting sports games to bet on at Betway including horse racing, football, basketball, and tennis. Many mobile sports game companies have team-building systems that need gamers to buy or unlock card packs to change their squads. As more gamers continue taking part in Betway88 mobile gaming here are the seven best mobile sports games you will enjoy playing.

1. EA Sports UFC

EA Sports UFC is appropriate for people who love violent games. It allows you to control top UFC superstars such as Connor McGregor in the octagon and continue fighting until you defeat all opponents. You can pick different combos including locks, kicks, and punches. This is one of the best mobile fighting simulators available.

2. Hockey All Stars

Unlike other major leagues, hockey lacks an official NHL mobile game. But Hockey All Stars is an exciting mobile sports game for hockey fans. You might not see any real hockey player or team logos but some might sound familiar. The game has decent gameplay and great moves.

3. NBA Jam

Game developers are updating sports games frequently to attract more players. NBA Jam is a classic game that you can find in Google Play Store. It resembles the 1990s arcade classic games and it has fast two-on-two action. NBA Jam has four modes that include online and local multiplayer. It has responsive and simple controls that allow you to take three consecutive shots. Tim Kitzrow was the original commentator of NBA Jam.

4. Grand Mountain Adventure

The game has time trials in which you ride between games as you rappel down the slope. It has a free-roam mode that doesn't need you to rush to gather bonuses. You can carve snow and the graphics make you feel satisfied as you spray snow. Grand Mountain Adventure has many races to take part in and items to unlock.

5. Ultimate Tennis

Ultimate Tennis has an arcade twist that makes tennis more interesting. It allows you to experience various players, tournaments, and surfaces. Also, you can learn new moves that are handy when sending the ball. Yet, the game doesn't feature top real tennis players.

6. NBA 2K20

This is a unique sports game for Android phones. It doesn't have loot crates or microtransactions. Instead, NBA 2K20 has advanced graphics and gameplay that are similar to the console version. It has different game modes like Run The Streets, NBA Stories, and MyCareer Run story mode. Besides, the game supports Bluetooth controllers and it has an online multiplayer.

7. Golf King-World Tour

The game has many beautiful golf courses with a variety of golf clubs. Also, it has different clothes that you can customize. The outfit is essential in the sport. It is prudent to pick the right attire as you might compete with real opponents who might judge it. The sports industry has evolved over the recent past. Bookies such as Betway offer a wide selection of sports odds and betting to gamers. You can download many sports games on Google Play. Some mobile games are designed for single players while others are suitable for multiple players. It is advisable to check the mobile system requirements of sports games before you download them on your mobile phone.

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