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Best New Anime Games in 2020 Posted Apr 1, 2020

So, you are an Otaku who’s always looking for new anime games? Clear up space on your PC and top up your Steam credits. We’ve got a list of new titles you should check out. Most of them came out late last year or early this year, meaning there’s a chance you haven’t played all of them. Here we go…

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most thrilling anime games ever, so it’s not surprising developers want to remake it every now and then. DBZ Kakarot came out on January 17 as a sequel of DBZ. And like its predecessor, it’s been epic.

Kakarot begins just before the Saiyans are about to invade Earth. It reveals Goku’s heritage before giving an overview of what to expect. Spoiler alert: Kakarot features a lot of storylines in DBZ.

It offers a mix of action with storytelling, a semi-open world RPG game graced by futuristic cities and beautiful planes. Similar to DBZ, you take the role of Goku predominantly but also play other characters from time to time.

The combat style battles in Kakarot are as impeccable as in DBZ. Dodging nasty objects from foes, punching villains and taking breaks in cut scenes or to explore the open world feels all gratifying.

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers

Persona 5 Scramble is a 45-hour long RPG game that follows the stories of five thieves who’ve just reunited after a long time apart. It’s a break from Persona 4 which followed a first shooter style and a return to the Persona 3 model, which was an RPG.

That said, Personal 5 Scramble features fairly decent graphics, an immersive storyline but an awfully huge number of cut scenes. The gameplay is incredible, nonetheless, as you explore local towns and fight enemies.

In case you are wondering, you can only control one of the five characters at a time. However, you can switch to a different character seamless in between battles. There are a few new characters compared to Persona 5 Royal and Persona 5, some who are pretty fun.

Unfortunately, the number of enemies in P5S can be overwhelming. That often leaves you and your gang vulnerable to unexpected attacks. Fortunately, boss battles are much easier to play since each boss has a conspicuous weakness.

Fortune Girl

Inspired by the Mysterious Orient, Fortune Girl takes you to the Far East in search of a girl that gives out fortunes when you do simple tasks. For example, find her the Golden Door and you'll get rewarded free spins.

Find the Golden Dragon and you get 14 free spins. You could also earn five times your wager if you trigger the image a second time. When you finally, meet the Fortune Girl, she replaces all other symbols to help you win big.

Being a slot machine, the best place to play Fortune Girl is on a real money gambling site that provides Microgaming slots. You can for example try the game on CasinoPlanet. However, we recommend to read this CasinoPlanet guide to understand more about their games, bonuses, and payments before you sign up.

Koi Princess Slot

Koi Princess comes from yet another software provide giant: NetEnt. It also takes you to the Far East to meet a beautiful girl; a princess to be precise. It’s also inspired by Mysterious Orient, making it strikingly similar to Fortune Girl.

However, Koi Princess has some unique offerings. First off, it has some random bonus features that award you free spins. You can also earn spins by triggering the scatter, the wild or the Sure Win symbol.

The best part of playing Koi Princess, though, is that it pays out up to 1000 times your bet. This guide to all casinos in Africa has a long list of gaming sites where you can play the game. In other words, you can find it in all NetEnt casinos regardless of where they are based.

One Piece: World Seeker

One Piece came out early last year. But it was released at a time when RDR2, GTA Online, and other titles were dominating headlines. So, if you missed out on news of its release, get it on Steam.

It’s a combat style game starring Luffy, a chaotic albeit charming and helpful character who spares no expense to help people in need. You can equip him with “hakis” to make him stronger, or punch harder.

The game’s graphics are visually impressive and the gameplay is decent. It has a lot of delightful characters and a storyline that will keep you busy for hours. It doesn't have as many battles as some other anime games. However, its few battles are action-packed.

That said, One Piece isn’t without flaws. Its missions, for example, get boring pretty quick. They are similar in that they involve collecting items and a bit of action which you lose surprisingly fast at times.

Steins, Gate Elite

This is another game that has been out for months. But if you are yet to play it, here’s what it entails. Steins is a game inspired by a TV show of the same name. In all fairness, there’s a novel released before the TV series.

Nonetheless, Stein revolves around what happens if humans attempted to alter the past. It stars Okabe Rintaro, a college student who invents a machine that sends texts into the past by accident.

The accident becomes costly when governments and major organizations get involved. At this point, Okabe and his friends have to fight out of nasty situations. The game’s storyline and geeky characters are its biggest assets.

It has some unnervingly long narrations. That makes it less interactive for some people. But if you’ve read the novel or watched the Steins series, you’ll certainly love this video game.


Developers have released over 20 anime video games since January last year. So, if you have plenty of time, you've got numerous titles to try out. Most of them are available as digital copies, sometimes free of charge. Better yet, there are anime games for PC, console and mobile devices.

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