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Best Pokémon Games Posted Oct 24, 2019

There have been many Pokémon games released by Game Freak in the last 23 years since Pokémon became the global phenomenon that it is today. It might be difficult to remember all the games that they have put out. So we are presenting you with our list of the five best Pokémon Games, for all kinds of systems, not just the original Game Boy stuff. So let's start the pokémon countdown.

Pokémon Gold and Silver

Best Pokémon Games

First on our list is the first game of the second generation of pokémon game boy games. Even if it is an older entry, many think that pokémon games peaked with the second generation. Much like in the first generation, the trainer had their pick of three different Pokémon, water, grass, and fire type. In addition to the 151 pokémon that were in the first generation, the creative team back in Game Freak added around 100 more to the mix, and catching them all became a lot more difficult. But that wasn't the only new addition to the game. The game also added a day and night cycle. This means that there were certain Pokémon that you could only catch during the day, and some were more likely to come across your way walking through deep grass during the night.

Pokémon Red and Green

Best Pokémon Games

Second on our list and the first two games to come out. These two games that were released at the beginning of 1996, are what started the whole pokémon revolution. You started in Ash's or Satoshi's (depending on if you prefer the original or dub) town called Pallet town. The graphics weren't what they are now, and the game had some weird, unexpected glitches, but it still rose to prominence and set the foundations for what Pokémon is today. If one looks at the title card for the, for example, the Pokémon Red game, one has to notice the fan-favorite ire dragon Charizard, but just above him are seven yellow letters in the pokémon font. Just like the game, the pokémon font itself becomes synonymous with the Pokémon craze. It is so alive, edgy, and chaotic one would conclude that the font itself its made out of different, in that time, still undiscovered Pokémon.

Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald

Best Pokémon Games

The first two games and the third that followed soon suit first saw a huge, almost balloon-like raise in the number of Pokémon. From the 251 that were available to catch and train in the second generation, the third featured almost 400 different kinds of Pokémon. But that isn't the biggest innovation. The game also added a complex system of EVs and IVs. This meant that not every Pokémon of the same kind was the same. If you got a pokémon with better IV or genetics, your Pokémon would also be more powerful further down the line. EV made sure that the opponents who you battled against added specific attributes to your Pokémon. This means that every single Pokémon in the game as an individual, with unique strengths and weaknesses.

Pokémon Go

Best Pokémon Games

When we look back on the Go craze, it is only natural that something like this would work. But back then, Pokémon Go was the first game of its kind, mixing the real world with the digital. And not to be modest, it did a lot more for nerd fitness than the WHO managed to do in the last 30 years or so. All of a sudden, there were people, large groups of people walking across towns, visiting landmarks, and most important of all, catching their dream pokémon.

Pokémon Stadium

Best Pokémon Games

A sort of spin of the game for the Nintendo 64, Pokémon stadium offered fans much more than to catch train and beat gyms. There were many levels based leagues one could conquer. It was also the first time that we saw our beloved pocket monsters in quality 3D. The attacks and the Pokémon doing them looked as lively as never before and after that. The game also features a lot of mini-games, even a museum for all the great Pokémon that helped you conquer the gym leaders and the final four. The game also had a feature where you could transfer your Pokémon from your game boy saves and see what it's like to battle with them in 3D.

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