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Design and branding in social networks Posted Sep 6, 2019

If you now hear the ticking of a clock nearby, then try to count exactly 5 seconds. During this time, 40 people registered on any social networks. And this means that every second the number of potential followers to your corporate pages on social networks is increasing. Let's see why branding on social networks is important.

Why should your business be represented on social networks?

According to Global Digital 2018, more than 4 billion people have access to the Internet, where social networks rank first in attendance. That is, almost all of your target audience, to varying degrees, uses social networks daily. And it is here that the likelihood that you will meet and begin to cooperate is the highest. The implementation of SMM (Social Media Marketing) in your marketing strategy will increase sales and brand awareness, as well as establishing communication with the audience through social networks. Branded personal pages, groups, public, and communities are necessary in order to:

Create a single follower environment

A branded page will give your followers the opportunity to communicate. Here, customers can leave their reviews that are able to motivate potential buyers to action. Let the target audience ask questions.

Inform the target audience

If something happens in your company: promotions, sweepstakes, discounts, corporate changes, etc., then effectively inform the followers of your pages about this. Advertising on social networks and the ability to share publications will give you a large coverage of an informed audience.

Find new contacts

The popularity of social networks creates a wide field for finding new contacts. And the convenience of feedback allows potential investors, partners or customers to easily contact you.

Increase the number of customers

Use social networks as a platform for advertising and sales. Here you can only work on an interested audience. This means that you will need relatively less time and expense to find and attract customers.

Post your content

Unique, useful and systematic content triggers the activity of followers to social pages and improves their statistics.

Advertising and partners

Maintaining social networks allows you to earn not only on sales but also on placing affiliate content and advertising useful pages for your target audience.

You will see all these ideas are taken into account with anime Instagram users like eeelyeee, cyfy_cosplay and nyarumaa.cosplay.

How to promote your brand on social networks?

In order for branding on social networks to be an effective way to increase revenue, rather than a pointless waste of time, you need to follow a well-composed content strategy. Consider its main aspects:

Follower Engagement

Followers' activity is necessary not only to improve statistics. It also provides an opportunity to hear what your target audience is talking about. What are their wishes, complaints or questions? Try to be honest and comfortable with customers. Answer questions in the comments directly, without sending private messages. You should not delete comments, it is better to answer them and convince the audience that you are working on bugs. An account with a variety of text and vivid pictures, but on which the user cannot get a clear answer to his question regarding your product or service, is doomed. Be with followers in a constant active dialogue, develop trusting relationships with them. This approach will help you to better understand the specifics of your target audience.

Drawing up a content plan

Make a content plan to organize current posts, taking into account the time of the most activity on social media. This will give your page a professional look and increase traffic. When choosing a topic for content, you should focus on the audience of the social network, its age, gender, and preferences. Analyze which publications are in demand among you and your competitors, also take into account current trends. Use visual associative content: images, infographics, gif-files and video recording, as 40% of people perceive visual information better than text.

Social Media Advertising

Customize your pages on social media to increase traffic, sales, and leads. You can buy custom Instagram comments to make your account more popular. High-quality relevant content that users are actively sharing are able to make ads for themselves. The same passive form of advertising is the use of social widgets and networks on sites. The client will begin to popularize and carry out the activity on your page if you offer him any benefit for this. You can also target - this is an advertisement for a specific group of users with similar followings, links, social categories, and geolocation. Or buy a post/repost on community pages where your target audience dominates.

Design and branding in social networks
Performance control

To understand whether you are working in the right direction, check your performance indicators daily and compare them with your goals according to the content strategy. There are several points that you should pay attention to when determining your performance: traffic indicator, increase in followers and leads, activity statistics on the page, content coverage and quality of interaction with the audience. To conduct an accurate analysis of your page and compare performance with competitive sites, you can use Instagram statistics. Analyze the work on your page to understand what you get from your effort.

Sales are the main goal in many cases

A lot of followers and involving content that brings sharing and liking is, of course, great. But the main goal of your account remains sales. Therefore, use every point of your strategy to increase the income of your company. Call visitors to action, organize promotions and special offers to interest visitors in buying. Contact the users who are interested in your product, send them to the information sections or to the landing pages where you can directly make a purchase. For email newsletters or instant messengers about the news of your company, encourage followers to leave their contact information. And also take care of the availability of corporate accounts in other social networks. networks, phone number, and instant messaging.

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