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Developers Of The Most Fancied Animes On Asia Posted Feb 1, 2021

The term anime originated from Japan. It just means animations made in Japan. The animations date back to 1917; it is the year which the first animation was ever created. As the years progressed, the animation production rate grew, and people got better at it.

In 1963, the first anime series was broadcasted on T.V, and thousands of people living in Japan loved it. The series was called Astro Boy. It was a pioneer series because, after its success, many more anime series were aired, and as a result, the anime industry grew.

So, who are the developers behind the most fancied animes in Asia? Here are some gaming studios behind several animes famous in Japan.

1. 3Hz

3Hz is a Japanese animation studio that has created several animes which are well popular. Further, it was founded by Kinema Citrus animators in March 2013 and has come a long way since then. They have their headquarters in Tokyo, Japan and run most operations from this location.

Some of their most popular creations include:

  • Flip Flappers- it was produced in October 2016 and aired for the first time in December the same year.
  • Princess Principal- produced in July 2017; this TV series was a big hit. They co-animated it with another anime studio called Actas and aired it on September the same year
  • Celestial Method

2. Aija-do Animation Works

Did you know that Aija-do was founded in October 1978? Well if you didn’t, now you do! Aija-do has been in the industry for over 40 years now, and they are still going strong. Their head offices are located in Saitama, Japan, and they have employed over 80 employees. Dap International Inc. is a subsidiary of Aija-do works.

Some of the animes they have created over the years include:

  • Miracle girls- the anime was developed in 1993 and was popular among locals then.
  • Nintama Rantaro- created in 1993, this series still runs until today. It is a fun and interesting piece to watch while you still can.
  • Ascendance of a Bookworm- it is a fantasy series that is very rich in ideas. Also, it is very well illustrated, perfect for any age group.
  • Kakushigoto: My Dad’s Secret Ambition- it is a comedy manga series. Further, it has a collection of five volumes. An anime TV series was also aired in April 2020.

Additionally, the wonderful manga themes in this anime are also used in casino games and gambling sites.

3. Ashi Productions

Largely famous for the magical-girl anime series, Ashi productions is undoubtedly a force to reckon with. It was founded in December 1975 and has been around for over 45 years now. However, during its initial stages, it was known as Ashi Productions but was then renamed to Production Reed Co. Ltd in 2007. Fast forward to 2019; they changed the name back to Ashi Productions.

They are also famous for the following animes:

  • Josephina the Whale- It is a TV series that has 24 constituent episodes. It was first aired in 1979 on TV Tokyo.
  • Monchhichi Twins- it is an American TV series that was popular in 1983. Ashi Productions created this amazing series mainly for kids.
  • Rainbow Days- rainbow days is a drama anime with over seven volumes. The live-action flick was aired in 2018
  • Cutie Honey Universe- Cutie Honey Universe is an animation that was released in 2018. It first aired in Japan but has since been licensed to broadcast in North America.

4. Geek Toys

Established in October 2017, Geek Toys has only been operational for just over 3 years now. Their parent company is Geek Pictures Inc. during this three-year period; Geek Toys created some awesome animes perfect for all age groups. So you there is no need to worry about your child’s safety,

Some of the creations include:

  • Hensuki- it was first aired on July 2019 and ran up until September the same year. It is adapted from light novel series written by Tomo Hanama.
  • Plunderer- it is a manga action series adapted from creation by Suu Minazuki. Later in June 2020, it was licensed to air as a TV series.
  • Date a Live Fragment: date a bullet- it’s a two-part flick adaptation by Geek productions. The series first broadcasted in August 2020 and ran until November of the same year.

Further, Japan is well known for its manga series that really bring out their culture and traditions. As a result, many casino themed mangas have cropped up to satisfy a growing audience. In this context, there are also a lot of casinos with manga games like Koi Princess or Toki Time available online. These games are developed by some of the top providers in the industry like NetEnt or Play’n Go which underlines their popularity. In the case of the Koi Princess slot, the design is highly related to Japanese culture and offers features like a bonus wheel allowing players to win special prizes.

5. Lapin track

Lapin track was established in 2014. Thus, it has been in operation for over six years now. It is a relatively smaller firm, but they have huge potential to make it in the anime industry.

They are best known for the following creations:

  • Endride- it was released in April 2016 and ran until September the same year. It has 24 complete episodes, and because of the success realized by this series, they developed a smartphone game later the same year.
  • Sarazanma- the release date for this series was on April 11, 2019. It broadcasted sometime in June of the same year. Further, the series has 11 episodes and is categorized in the fantasy genre.

Now that you know developers of most fancied animes in Asia add some of the anime series to your watch list and have fun.

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