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Eight of the Best Gambling Anime Ever Made Posted Feb 27, 2020

Ever watched gambling anime? Sure, it’s not the most popular genre out there. But a few shows about casino players have made watching gambling anime worthwhile. Some of them are old. Others deal with games not common in Las Vegas casinos. All the same, here are the best anime TV series about gambling.

The Money of Seoul and Possibility Control

The Money of Seoul and Possibility Control takes you on a tour into the world of second-year economy student Kimimaro Yoga. He’s from a poor background when he suddenly surrounds himself with rich kids and a district where gambling is a full-fledged industry.

Will he become a gambler? The Money of Seoul avoids spoon feeding you details on subtitles. Instead, it lets you immerse yourself into Yoga’s life and discover his ups and downs as he builds his wealth.

An 11-episode series, the Money of Seoul is perfect for binge watching on the weekends. It also helps to be a massive anime fan, because as mentioned, you’ll need to watch the entire series to get the full story.


Winning the Japanese casino game of Mahjong is challenging. Doing it repeatedly is unimaginable. So, when a girl named Saki Miyanaga visits the school Mahjong club and beats everyone at the game consistently, everyone is gob smacked.

Saki surprisingly doesn’t like Mahjong. But her talent is exceptional. To persuade her to help club members win a national competition, other Mahjong club members have to play pretty nice to her.

What’s more, they also need to work together to dethrone some of the best Mahjong players in the country. Watch the show’s three seasons to find the girls struggles and triumphs as the attempt to become queens of Mahjong.

Mahjong Hishouden: Naki No Ryuu

By now, you have an idea of Japan’s favorite casino game: Mahjong. For the uninitiated, this game involves organizing tiles into four sets and a pair faster than your opponents. Conventionally, the game features four players and 136 tiles.

In Mahjong Hishouden, a mysterious player called Crying Dragon competes against criminals to survive. She has a unique move that although effective annoys her opponents. It’s a short series of three episodes but packs enough drama and action to rank amongst the best gambling anime shows.

Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor is arguably the most popular gambling anime show. It’s also highly rated by the experts on bestcasinosites.net, so you can be sure it’s worth watching.

What is it about?

Kaiji is a loser who spends all-day drinking beer, stealing and loitering. He’s also deep in debt and needs a way to repay his former workmate. Luckily, the ex co-worker links him to an illegal gambling den hosted in a cruise ship.

Kaiji’s life suddenly turns around but as not as well as he would have hoped for. The gambling den is full of cheats, criminals and greedy and exploiters. But considering he also needs to pay up, he has no choice but to become like them.


Akagi takes life and death situations to the next level. It stars a man named Nangou whose debts to the Yakuza can only be paid in two ways: winning in Mahjong or giving up his life insurance money.

Of course, the latter also means risking his life, because, you know, the Yakuza won’t wait until he dies of old age to collect his insurance payments.

Luckily, Nangou stumbles upon a boy called Akagi. And upon sensing he has unique talents, he asks for help in defeating the Yakuza. Akagi beats the organized criminals and repays Nangou’s debts. But they want more...

One Outs

In One Outs, Saitama Lycaons’ starting batter Hiromichi Kojima knows his team is the weakest baseball side in the Japanese league. But he decides to give the championships a shot one last time. But when one of his teammates gets injured and he attempts to find a replacement, he gets an irresistible offer.

He must duel against a pitcher named Tokuchi with money on the line. To his surprise, he loses to despite the pitcher’s minimal skills. He becomes depressed and questions his baseball talents. After a while, he challenges Tokuchi for a revenge game. He also changes the stakes from money to getting your arm broken if you lose.

When Kojima wins, however, he asks the pitcher to join Lycaons as a way to fulfill their bet. Tokuchi joins but finds out the team’s owner doesn’t want to pay him well. As the story progresses, Tokuchi becomes the new star and ends up becoming owning the team.

Legendary Gambler Tetsuya

Unlike Saki and Akagi, Tetsuya wasn’t only a Mahjong legend. He started at the bottom, winning at rookie levels and building his way up the ladder. He isn’t the most skilled Mahjong player.

But he’s so good at cheating that he almost never gets caught. He’s okay with his okay with cheating and considers it a winning strategy. His clever ways of tricking his opponents isn’t the only reason you should watch this anime, though.

Tetsuya is based on a real-life gambling legend that grew up post World War II. It’s also dramatic, often featuring themes of betrayal, drugs and cheating. The anime also depicts the depression error vividly, which can give you a hint of how life was back then.

Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler

Kakegurui is one of the best animes on Netflix today. But is it worth your time? The show explores life in an expensive private academy that houses children to some of Japan’s richest men and women.

But as prestigious as the Hyakkaou academy is, it has a gambling culture that makes it nearly toxic. A student’s academic ability or athleticism matters less. Instead, your gambling skills determine your quality of life in the school.

If you are excellent at gambling, you become popular and admired. If you lose regularly, you get into debt. Worse, you risk being named a “doggy” and having to wear a collar as punishment. In other words, life is brutal unless you can find ways to become a gambling wizard.

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