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Fairy Tail Sequel Plus a Handy Introduction in Manga Posted Jul 8, 2018

The writer of so many awesome works such as Dr. Prisoner or Hajme Shacho Monogatari is working on a sequel to Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail manga. It’s actually more of a collaboration between the two since Mashida will still be responsible for the original storyboards, while Ueda will draw the new series. The sequel will be available on the Magazine Pocket app starting July the 25th.

Why Manga? – The Story Behind It

For those of our readers that are just starting to understand the intriguing world of manga and anime, we have prepared a special section to explain why is manga enjoying so many fans outside Japan. One of the reasons people are so much into manga is that it offers an alternative to all the TV shows and comic books that depict the classical superheroes everyone is already tired of.

Besides that, the Japanese culture is less repressed than what we are experiencing in the Western Countries with political correctness and all kind of religious pressure. This means that it is more open to deal with a broader specter of subjects. Sex, superstitions, phantoms, spirits or even monsters are all present in Manga. Another explanation for why Manga has become so popular over the years can come from the fact that the Japanese culture really doesn’t step back from good-natured exuberance.

A Beginner’s Guide to Manga and Its Terminology

The main thing to know about manga is that it is divided into certain categories that are mainly based on the audiences they target. From colorful giants depicting a myriad of characters and personalities, to the fantasy girls who have created a magical scenery for our childhoods, there is a lot to explore. The best part with the manga world being so multi-faceted is that everyone can find their favorite character and stick to it, as every famous manga character has a storyline and an evolution, meant to keep the audience close.

One thing that makes manga stories and fictional characters so enigmatic and more complex than the heroes depicted in the American or European comic books is the storytelling technique. When the reader is firstly introduced to it, he will be able to feel the uniqueness and inventive narrative strategies to keep the suspense and a bit of mystery surrounding both the fiction and the characters. This makes the reader to be immersed in an entire universe, quite similar with what happens when you’re enjoying online games at 24 Pokies. For example, while American readers might be used to access the story of one super hero in a book or a series of books, in manga literature, you get to taste snippets of the character’s evolution in singular chapters, published in monthly magazines or newspapers. This means that you will actually not be able to read the full narration, but you will take part in the action gradually, with every new magazine being published. The feeling of expectance adds to the excitement, as well as the fact that this technique has turned into culture of the Japanese manga fans. They become collectors of the respective magazines and keep the volumes in specific compartments, depending on the type of fiction or anime character, known as tankoubon.

What Type of Manga Are You?

One of the main sources to provide manga series is collecting them from the magazines publishing them, there are several types of audience that have been formed over the time. By identifying the type of manga that you would be more interested in, you will define your target series which you are most likely to enjoy. Some of the most common manga types are:

  • The adventurer-type: Naruto We are all familiar with the main hero in one of the most popular manga series in the world, Naruto. Manga series rely heavily on the stereotype of this character, by attributing to him very worldly features, such as cooking skills or romantic personalities. This is why series like “Attack on Titan” or “One Piece” will be your favorites if you are into this type of fiction, as they center around these motifs.
  • Shoujo – Romance at its finest
    We are all familiar with the internationally famous Sailor Moon, a magical girl who acquires superhero features and makes everyone be charmed by her in no time. Although these manga types have only one single female protagonist, there can be some good series that beginners might enjoy, such as “Kitchen Princess” or “The Limit”.
  • Seinen – Adventure and Science Fiction at its finest
    This manga series type is perfect for those of you who like a mixture between adventure, romance and science fiction. Because it is such a varied genre, it is preferred by most manga fans. Seinen magazines often publish chapters from popular series, such as “Vinland Saga” or “Monster”.


Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail manga is something many manga fans expected, and you should probably not miss it. However, if you are still not fully familiar with the manga world and need a bit of a background before keeping updated with the latest manga news, then it is worth to start looking into the most popular manga genres and see which one suits you best. There is so much to choose from that there is no way you won’t find something to your liking and become a manga fan in no minute.

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