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Four Slot Games That Remind Us Of Popular Anime Posted Mar 21, 2018

When you’re an obsessed anime freak, who’s watched and read quite a number of anime and manga in your life, you start seeing anime everywhere you look. Whether you’re reading a novel that somehow rings familiar, hearing a song on the radio that starts off like one of the opening theme songs of an anime or playing a video game whose characters are almost identical to an anime you’ve watched.

That’s pretty much what happens to me on a regular basis, and today I’m going to share with you four slot games that, upon discovering them, immediately reminded me of popular anime series for obvious (and sometimes not so obvious) reasons. Enjoy!

Moon Princess

Four Slot Games That Remind Us Of Popular Anime

There is no need for me to try and convince you that this slot was clearly inspired by the all-time favourite anime and manga among 90s kids: Sailor Moon. If you’ve never heard of this anime before, you need to open a new tab, type the name in Google and binge-watch the series right now. You cannot claim to be an anime lover if you haven’t seen this anime yet, it’s like one of the fundamental classics.

The way the story goes is that the protagonist Usagi, who is able to transform into Sailor Moon, together with all her other female friends who all bear the name of a planet are tasked with the mission of finding and protecting the “moon princess”, and the rest of mankind from evil. (Spoiler alert: turns out the moon princess is actually Usagi).

Four Slot Games That Remind Us Of Popular Anime

The overall theme of the anime as well as the sailors’ abilities and transformations are pretty much galaxy-themed with the girls’ costumes bearing brooches in the shape of stars and moons, and the transformation pens have wings with a moon-crest on the top.

And this is exactly what we get to see in the “Moon Princess” slot game - a lot of space-themed icons and symbols, star, and moon-shaped magical staffs. This slot screams Sailor Moon, with its three female characters, Love, Star, and Storm, clearly reflecting the three main characters in the anime: Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Mercury. Even their dresses are highly reminiscent of the girls’ school uniforms in the anime series.

Sadly, the only thing that’s missing is the handsome Mamoru Chiba, better known as Tuxedo Mask, who always swoops in the last minute to save the day, and especially, the beautiful Usagi. Can you imagine if he had to appear on the screen when it's bonus time? Yes, please.

Immortal Romance

Four Slot Games That Remind Us Of Popular Anime

Now I know what you're thinking: this doesn't look like anime at all, do you even know what anime looks like? Yes, I do, and I know very well that this game looks nothing like an anime, but bear with me for a minute and let's move past appearances for now.

What reminds me of a particular anime in this game, is a certain twist in the plot. Yes, that's right, I said plot. This slot game is not only epic enough as it is - I mean it's about vampires and the graphics are amazing - but each character also has a backstory, and as you progress throughout the game and continue unlocking new features and bonuses, you get to find out more about how the story unfolds.

Now without getting into too much detail, (you can read more about the immortal romance plot here), let’s just say that the female protagonist, Sarah, is “allegedly” a human, but one of the male characters (not the one who is desperately in love with her but the one who despises her) suspects she is hiding a very deep and dark secret.

Now think a bit about this, Sarah doesn’t know she is actually not a human, and the most fearsome vampire in the game is very much threatened by her. Does this mean that perhaps she is a special kind of vampire? A pureblood perchance? Have you shouted out “Vampire Knight” yet? (P.S. Skip this part if you haven’t watched this anime series).

Four Slot Games That Remind Us Of Popular Anime

That’s right it’s the same thing that happens with Yuki Cross! Together with her best friend Zero (a vampire hunter who abhors vampires), Yuki tries to keep the peace between humans and vampires at Cross Academy. However, as the story unfolds she finds out that she is actually a pureblood vampire and is later transformed by her own brother and lover, Kaname, (who is actually her ancestor reborn in her brother’s body).

I know it sounds pretty twisted, but trust me it’s nothing like what you’ve seen before and will stick to your memory like glue. I’m reminded of it every time I play Immortal Romance.

Sweet Alchemy

Four Slot Games That Remind Us Of Popular Anime

Oh, this one will get you drooling with mentions of sweets and "sugar bombs" and all things candy; it just has to remind us of an anime which is equally packed with this amount of sugar rush! Whenever I see all those colourful jelly beans on the screen and the cute witch on the side, I can’t help but think of Sugar Sugar Rune, with the main protagonist, Chocolat Meilleure, flaunting her long hair underneath her oversized witch hat.

Four Slot Games That Remind Us Of Popular Anime

The overall theme of the anime is also similar to the one in this game - it’s all about magic and collecting as many “hearts” (in the case of the game, sweet symbols) as possible. Back in the Magical World, Chocolat Meilleure and her friend and polar opposite Vanilla Mieux, are both chosen as candidates to become the next Candy Queen.

But before anyone of them can be crowned queen, they have to first compete against each other by going to the Human World and capturing the hearts of boys. Whoever manages to collect the most hearts by the end of the competition wins. Isn’t it the same with us players? The more candies we pop, the better! Plus, Sweet Alchemy also has a Sugar Rush meter that will reward players whenever it has reached a certain number of candy symbols!

Cloud Quest

Four Slot Games That Remind Us Of Popular Anime

For some unknown reason, this fantasy-themed slot game keeps reminding me of one of my favourite childhood animes: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.

I don’t know exactly why this game reminds me of Tsubasa, to be honest, but I’m guessing it’s probably because of the whole idea of a “quest”, and let me tell you it is no easy quest we’re talking about here. After Princess Sakura loses all her memories in the form of many unique feathers, her childhood friend Syaoran, a young archaeologist, has to travel to countless worlds and across different dimensions in order to retrieve all of Sakura’s memories, whilst fighting off evil entities in the process.

Four Slot Games That Remind Us Of Popular Anime

Although this plot has nothing to do with the one of the slot game, the notion of going on a quest while fighting bad guys with swords and sorcery is enough to get me thinking about this action-packed series. (Maybe it’s just my good old friend nostalgia kicking in).


So there you have it, four different slot games that remind me of popular anime I watched as a kid, and let’s hope there will be more of them! Although Japanese Anime has become extremely popular in Western Society, it is only recently that software providers are developing anime-inspired games. In fact, currently, there are only two slot games that are strictly based on anime series: Evangelion and Ghost in the Shell.

For the rest, you might find Asian-themed slots with anime-style characters like Koi Princess, but what we would like to see in the future, is more slots inspired by actual anime series or manga, like Fullmetal Alchemist for instance. How cool would that be?!

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