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Akagi – The Story of a Gambling Prodigy with No Fear Posted Feb 19, 2020

Akagi – The Story of a Gambling Prodigy with No Fear

Even though you are not a degenerate gambler, the chances are that even playing a game on an online casino has led you to wonder what it would be like to participate in illegal gambling.

If you are a fan of anime, then you will be pleased to find out that Akagi is a gambling-themed anime that explores that theme in a thrill-filled storyline.


Akagi is a manga written and illustrated by Nobuyuki Fukumoto and published in 1991. The protagonist is a young boy known as Akagi Shigeru, who, at only 13, can outsmart the Japanese mafia in mahjong.

This anime is so unbelievably good that the comic book (manga) version has sold over 12 million copies in Japan alone.

Akagi has two live-action films released in 1995 and 1997 as well as a 26-episode animated (anime) series that aired between October 2005 and March 2006. Three more live-action television dramas of Akagi aired between 2015 and 2018.

The Plot

Mahjong is a game predominantly played in Japan as a way of passing the time. Nonetheless, society's villains also love it and typically bet on it. Nangou is one such gambler, and his compulsive gambling has seen him accumulating a debt of over 3 million yen.

In a last-ditch effort to get himself freed from his debt to the Yakuza (Japanese mafia), Nangou decides to wager his life. If he loses, he dies.

As the game progresses, it starts becoming clear that Nangou is going to lose his life. As he begins to prepare himself for the worst, a young man who is on the run from the police storms onto the scene. He identifies himself as Shigeru Akagi. With nothing left to lose, Nangou decides to give the boy a few lessons about the game then asks Akagi to play for him.

As expected, the mafia goons smirk at the prospect of a young, inexperienced boy playing with them, but they allow him anyway.

Ever heard of a natural-born gambler? That is who Akagi is. What happens next is something you should find out for yourself.

Who is Shigeru Akagi?

When he first meets Nangou and the mafia, he is only 13 years old but looks like he could be in his late teens. Akagi is a cold and calculating individual with a blatant disregard for his own life. Therefore, it is not past him to bluff, cheat, or take on dangerous maneuvers.

Akagi will do anything and everything to win.

He also happens to be a genius who has not only a photographic memory, but also the ability to calculate and deduce probabilities.

He has a powerful sense of self and is unwilling to cave to other people's expectations or demands. His brilliant mind, strong will, and unpredictable nature make him a force of nature in the ruthless streets of illicit gambling. As he grows older, however, his character changes.

Akagi is a manga or anime that you will get hooked on during the first episode. Just imagine what Akagi would do if he were allowed into the world of online casinos such as gclub.

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