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How AI is Helping Artists in Crafting Gorgeous Anime Sequences Posted Jun 13, 2020

Anime is hand-drawn and computer animation originating from Japan. The term anime is derived from the English word animation and is used to refer to all forms of animated media in Japan. Outside of Japan, anime means any animated show or movie that uses signature-aspects of Japanese-style animation.

Today, anime has become one of the major forms of entertainment for adults. Anime movies are some of the most breathtaking spectacles of the film. Also, seeing the immense popularity of anime, software developers in the gaming industry have started using anime themes to create online games. While anime is mostly featured in online slots and other games like Blackjack Lucky Lucky boast high-quality graphics to offer highly engaging and immersive gaming experience.

Making an anime requires lots of efforts as there are many stages involved in the process. But thanks to recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), soon there might be AI-powered assistants that can help you in doodling your own anime characters.

AI anime tools can eliminate some of the tedious work

Companies like Adobe and Celsys that make industry-standard creative tools have been adding AI features to their digital software in order to eliminate tedious work and give animators more time to experiment. From features that colour the entire work of line art with just a click to machine learning tools that help find specific video frames faster, AI is being incorporated in surprisingly impactful ways.

Adobe makes a big splash every time it unveils concept AI tools, but it’s more subtle AI features that actually work. Recent additions by Adobe include the ability to create searchable PDFs in Adobe Scan and an automated audio mixing feature in Premiere. It’s a lot less flashy than AI automatically removing unwanted objects, but it’s enough to eliminate some of the tedious work.

There are many more features by Adobe that could have a significant impact on productivity. One feature can take a dog jumping in a pool and generate descriptive tags; others can take a simple doodle and generate similar-looking photographs.

AI tools are in artists’ best interest: Celsys

Other AI tools could have a major impact on how Artists work, like the auto-colouring tool designed for comics and animation. The beta version of Celsys’ Manga now includes a feature that can automatically colour in black-and-white line drawings with just a little guidance from the artist. The work requires a little cleanup, but there’s huge potential in the way the technology can be used by artists.

The AI feature of Celsys is taught with sets of line extracted from colour illustrations and colour images. The technology is based on deep learning method which combines computer vision tools with visual creation tools. It’s worth noting that the company is also using artists’ data to improve the technology.

Celsys says that its tools are in artists’ best interests, rather than technologies meant to replace them. And while AI features might remove some work, it’ll just leave room for more and better work.

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