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How Anime And Online Games Work Together Posted Jun 28, 2019

Anime is without doubt one of the most popular forms of entertainment on the planet today. From humble beginnings in Asia, it has quickly grown in popularity to establish itself on a global scale, with it now playing a key role as a genre in other forms of entertainment too. Online games such as hit slot Koi Princess is a perfect example of how anime has had an impact elsewhere.

You could say that anime and online games very much go hand in hand, working together superbly, with the former being the inspiration behind many of the latter. You must go back to the release of the NES to discover where anime and gaming first met, with this very much being the birthplace for video games with anime style artwork and features.

As the years began to tick by it was in the 90s where the Japanese anime style really began to take hold, with titles such as Street Fighter II, a game and game series which continues to be a mega hit still to this day, and Final Fight, leading the way for the anime and gaming relationship to continue to develop.

The late 90s saw the release of Pokémon, a game which managed to take the world by storm. Pokémon, which like many other anime inspired titles is still huge today, saw the anime and gaming relationship peak, and opened the door for more of the same. So, when you fast forward to the present day and see online titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Pokémon Let’s Go and Koi Princess all hitting the heights, it comes as no surprise based on the solid foundations already in place and success enjoyed through this relationship over the years.

One of the great advantages which the anime and online gaming offers is the storylines very much fit in with what’s relevant in the modern era. There’s a lot of anime which portrays stories of superheroes and those battling evil to do good. This ties in perfectly with what many online gamers find both interesting and exciting, as they too can become a superhero to save the world from evil.

Clearly, the influence of anime through the artwork and design has been a big hit, and another reason why anime and online games work so well together in the modern era. How games look from a visual standpoint has become of great importance to gamers, especially with the advancements made where technology is concerned. Gamers generally want to play games that look great, and anime sort of guarantees that.

Anime also has that distinctive cartoon-style look too, and this is a major draw for gamers in the online world, whether they’re playing video games, mobile titles, or even slot games. With so much anime out there, it’s difficult to imagine its influence on video and online gaming every dying out, with much more expected from this fantastic combination.

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