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How Anime Has Changed Over the Past 20 Years Posted Feb 13, 2021

The anime industry is one of the most rapidly growing niches worldwide. Millions of people are keen on watching various types of anime movies. Moreover, anime is constantly attracting more and more admirers. In case you are one of those enthusiasts, this post is right for you. Discover more info about this amazing cartoon, as well as explore how it has changed over the past 20 years.

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Anime is constantly developing. But how has it changed in recent times? Our experts know the answers!


The first thing that differs old anime series from the newest one is the colors. The fact is that the colors in most movies have become much warmer and brighter. The reason is that computer graphics and design tools have significantly improved in the past decade, so that anime creators can use a larger number of colors and patterns. The only exception to this rule is horror anime that is traditionally created with dark colors. In case you are fond of horrors, you might fail to notice any difference between the old and modern cartoons.


Most anime enthusiasts noticed that the movies had become more realistic. In other words, the scenes are now more detailed and contain a larger number of minutiae. All these factors make the movies look more true-to-life and spectacular. In some cases, you might just forget about watching a cartoon and feel like you are diving into the atmosphere of the movie.

Richer Animation

The main characters of most modern anime are completely unique and are no longer looking similar. Each hero has its features, style, and habits, making the entire experience of watching anime more diverse. Even in case you start watching two anime series of the same genre, you will never find similar characters or start feeling confused because the heroes have much in common. All the protagonists are bright and unforgettable individuals, so you will definitely enjoy watching most modern animes.


Lots of new genres have revolutionized the field of anime movies. Not only are there anime for kids, but tons of dramas, horrors, thrillers, and erotic movies for adults. Futuristic anime is another new genre that is currently conquering the market in lots of countries.


Most characters in modern anime are more pleasing and look incredibly kawaii. You can find lots of cute girls and boys in anime series that can make your heart melt. However, the evil protagonists, monsters, and cruel creatures now look even more scary and thrilling since the graphics are more modern and realistic.


You can find anime on any topic you can imagine. For example, there are series not only about traditional samurai or school life but also about aliens, robots, artificial intelligence, magic, history, space, and traveling. Therefore, even if you are not fond of classical anime, you will definitely find some series according to your personal preferences and hobbies. By the way, there is even a special anime genre for those people who don’t like anime. Sounds impressive?

Number Of Episodes

Earlier, the anime series was not very long. However, the situation has drastically changed in recent years. Now, you can effortlessly find lots of movies that contain hundreds of series. They are still adventurous and very exciting.

Shocking Content

In case you are fond of watching movies for adults, anime has lots of interesting movies to offer. Not only can you watch erotic cartoons, but there are also lots of incredibly scary and thrilling series. Some anime are developed for grown-ups only since they might contain violent scenes or other shocking content. All in all, it is better to double-check whether a chosen anime is good for children if you are planning to watch movies with all your family members, including the youngest ones.

All in all, anime continues to develop at a railway speed. More and more new movies will see the world in the near future, grabbing the attention of both experienced and beginner anime lovers.

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