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How Japanese Anime Culture Influenced Online Casino Games Posted Apr 7, 2021

Japan was for centuries regarded as a remote and exotic society, insufficiently known by Western civilizations. The country had no desire to open up to foreigners until it was forced to embrace new technologies and accept different cultures. Even today, when it is one of the richest and most civilized countries on the globe, it still stands out from the crowd as unique and special. It has an amazing culture and its newest elements have penetrated Western societies in surprising ways. The Japanese anime culture is a shining example and perhaps not surprisingly, it even influenced online casino games.

Actually unique form of art

The first things that come to mind when thinking about Japan are formal tea ceremonies, cherry blossoms, the code of honor and advanced technology. Delicious food, such as sushi and ramen are well known by Westerners, but perhaps the most successful cultural expert of Japan are the anime. This modern cultural form has been around for more than a century, with the first of them tracing back to the beginning of the 20th century. Westerners were introduced to this culture in the 80s and it only gained further traction over the last two decades. Today it is a huge influence in many areas, including online gambling.

Software developers are always trying to come up with unique themes for their casino games. Healthy competition promotes this kind of approach and those who are unable to adjust to change are swept away. The visual aspect of anime is arguably the most exciting one, so producers of casino games have focused on the designs. Easy to identify and relatively simple to implement in games, they were a huge hit from the start. Arguably the game that had the biggest impact in promoting this side of Japanese culture was the pachinko slot. Colorful, original and promising big winnings, it won the hearts and minds of players.

Japanese themed slots are huge hits

Online casinos often referred to オンラインカジノランキング (online casino ranking) have the tendency to dwell excessively on things that work. They are big fans of the concept that if something works well, there is no need to fix it. While they were reluctant to introduce anime themed slots on a wide scale, they were quick to realize the immense potential of this genre. Players embraced these slots wholeheartedly and regarded them as a breath of fresh air. In an industry dominated by the same themes, anime slots developed a cult followings in many countries.

Asian themed games in general and slots inspired by Japanese culture in particular have plenty of fans worldwide. Even though a lot has been lost in the process of promoting anime in the West, the essence of this form of art was captured by the games. In conjunction with flowing animations, high payouts and mobile compatibility, these games are enjoyed by millions. Anime slots are here to stay and Japanese culture is likely to influence online casino games for many years to come.

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