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Identity Verification Tools and Services Successfully Used by Online Casinos Posted Dec 20, 2020

It is true that you can play free kitty glitter slot machine with no sign up, but most of the time, they do not involve money. For the real deal, you cannot do it without identity verification. You cannot gamble in a land-based casino unless you are an adult. The casino industry has security guards that check your identity.

Why do they do this? They do this in compliance with laws. All countries that permit gambling have a legal age—some are 18, and some are 21.

In the physical world, it is easy to judge how an adult looks like. If a patron looks like a minor, just ask for an ID. In the online world, this law is much more difficult to implement. This is the reason why all online casinos are too strict in verifying identities. This whole process is called Know Your Customer or KYC. It is a standard process around the world for all digital transactions.

Today, you will learn the most common methods that casinos use to successfully verify if someone is of legal age to gamble online. Identification from Government Institutions The first method is to ask you for a scan of your government ID. You have to submit a government ID that bears your name and date of birth. The most common type of ID you can use is a passport because it has your photo and date of birth. Here are some more examples:

  • Driver’s license
  • Social security ID
  • Voter’s ID

Some countries have a national ID system, and that will do. You cannot use any kind of ID, like school IDs, because they can easily be faked. Also, you have to know that the identification card is just the primary step to verifying your identity.

You also need to identify yourself by sending legitimate proof of billing. This proves that you are located where you say you are. For example, you can send a credit card billing statement, or you can use your billing statement from your utility provider.

Identification via Credit Cards

While you can play the demo versions of slots online like the Eye of Horus free slot games, you cannot play it with real cash unless you have completed your identity verification. The additional method that casinos use to verify who you are is your credit card.

The name and address on your credit card must match the ones for the government IDs and proof of billing that you sent. In this regard, you have to send a copy of the front and back of your credit card, proving that have the credit card physically.

This is important because there are hackers out there who can find out what your credit card number is along with your 3-digit security code. However, they do not have the actual physical card, so they cannot move further in the verification process. Credit card institutions have a robust way of verifying a person’s identity. You have to apply for one from banks, and banks require you to go to their branches in person, proving that you are a real person.

Identification via Other Financial Institutions

Other financial establishments are also keen on verifying a customer’s identity. A good example is PayPal. You also have Skrill and Neteller.

Casinos usually have a tie-up or partnership with these financial institutions. If you have accounts with these financial institutions, then you certainly have an account number. In many casinos, they ask you for your account number from these online payment processors.

Once you have submitted these data, you may have to wait a few days for the casino to complete its investigation. Only then will the casino allow you to use the funding method to deposit or to withdraw. Obviously, the name in your payment processor account must also match the documentation you submitted.


Identity verification may be a pain, but it is important. The last thing you want is to give way to hackers and scammers to use your identity and finances for online gambling, so you have to view these processes as your protection.

Legal identification is crucial for online casinos. Since they cannot see the person, they must ensure that the clients they are dealing with are legally permitted to gamble. There are even some financial institutions that require you to take a photo of yourself while holding your ID. Some casinos may do this, but it is rare.

Over a long period of time, the casino industry may add more ways to check and validate a person’s real age. It will not be a surprise if they ask their clients to record a video of themselves, saying that they are an adult and that they are registering for an account.

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