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New hobbies to try out if you like Anime Posted Aug 23, 2016

Anime is great fun to watch and read, and a really wonderful subculture and community to be a part of. But if you are looking to expand your interests and hobbies, do not feel like a traitor! It is perfectly fine to have some other interests alongside anime. Here is a list of potential hobbies you may want to try out as an anime lover.

Japanese inspired online video slots

You may be surprised to hear this, but there are quite a few Japanese themed online video slots around. Online slots are so much fun, and they are a great interactive way to relax and enjoy your leisure time. Royal Vegas online casino has many Japanese inspired slot games that you are sure to love. There is Tiger Moon, House of Dragons, So much Sushi, Asian Beauty, and Jewels of the Orient. In addition there is also an Anime styled video slot game called Bridezilla. Royal Vegas online casino promotions are phenomenal; offering you great deals including monthly giveaways and their famous new player welcome bonus, totaling a staggering $1200. They also have an exclusive VIP club, as well as the ability to earn rewards as you play.


Kendo is a type of modern Japanese martial arts. You use bamboo swords to fight with, but thankfully you also get to wear some protective armor too! However, Kendo is practiced barefoot –like many other forms of martial arts. Kendo is not only practiced and enjoyed in Japan, so you should be able to find a local Kendo class nearby without much of a problem. Kendo is also unique as you are encouraged to shout as you fight, as the shouting is said to express your fighting spirit. It may sound scary to some, but this is definitely a martial art that is worth a try!

Follow Vloggers who live in Japan

If you are infatuated with Japanese culture; a great way to get an inside peek into what life is really life there, it to follow some vloggers on YouTube. Simon and Martina post weekly vlog segments called ‘Eat your sushi’ as well as other informative and interesting videos about living in Japan as foreigners. Another YouTube channel worth checking out is Rachel and Jun who are another married couple who live in Japan and vlog about their experiences. Jun is Japanese while Rachel is not, which gives you some interesting insights with regards to being in an inter-cultural relationship.

Listen to J-pop (Japanese popular music)

While not as widely popular internationally as K-pop (Korean popular music), J-pop is fast gaining worldwide popularity. Have a look to see who is on the top of the charts in Japan and browse YouTube to find some new, cool J-pop bands to listen to.

So hopefully one of these four ideas of hobbies and interests will appeal to you –it is always fun to try something new and explore different interests as well as learning more about Japanese culture, art and life.

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