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Japan's Love of Gaming Evident in Anime Posted Jul 23, 2018

When many people think about Japan, they may not think about gambling. However, with pachinko parlors and online casinos on the rise, Japan is no stranger to gambling. In fact, betting is an integral part of their culture. Showing up in Japanese anime, there has been an increased comfort portraying this sport in Japan-based work.


This anime was released in July and takes a different path in its portrayal of gambling. It follows the story of Yumeko Jabami who gambles not for profit, but the thrill of the game. The characters in this anime play more traditional games such as poker but also compete in competitions where bets are placed. The show has dancing, singing, and even guessing competitions portrayed.

This show takes a different perspective on gambling as it portrays school kids rather than casino gamblers. With only 12 episodes in the first season of Kakegurui, it was still a favorite and more seasons are expected in the future.

Tojai Densetsu Akagi: Yami ni Maiorita Tensei

The main character in this show is Akagi and is based on a manga that was turned into anime. A young prodigy, Akagi took on the Yakuza with a game of mahjong when he was 13 and then disappeared for six years Akagi is skilled and becomes a legend in the show.

This show is known for its intensity and is for a more mature audience. It features high-intensity situations and high-stakes betting. What makes this show stand out though is its portrayal of responsibility in betting. Gambling is seen as a sport that is to be respected.


This show is also based on a manga and features a man named Kaiji who suffers in the luck department. Unlike the prodigy of Akagi, Kaiji makes a series of poor decisions until he ends up play games for both money and even his life.

This thrilling show demonstrates the intensity of gambling and has become a favorite with fans. Audiences love how Kaiji works through difficult situations with luck and courage. The show even inspired another show where contestants can compete to win money by doing some of the same challenges portrayed in the show.

The Rise in Online Casinos

Although there are a variety of ways to gamble, online casinos have seen a huge surge of 229% over the past eight years. More gamers are using online casinos than ever before. Their interest in gambling is being portrayed in movies and television shows. To get an idea of how gambling is portrayed in Japan, these three anime shows demonstrate how casinos have become a normal part of society.

Although online gambling is an integral part of Japan’s culture, it has only recently started to become a popular subject in anime. The portrayal and popularity of these shows demonstrate that online casinos are well-known by the general public. Due to the rise in online gambling, it’s anticipated that Japan will continue to produce television and movies where gambling plays an important role. The casino has a strong presence in modern programming today. Play casinos like your favorite anime characters and be sure to research and read reviews of online casinos to make sure you get the best bonuses.

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