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Netflix Anime That Deserves Your Attention Posted May 18, 2021

Netflix Anime That Deserves Your Attention

The content library that Netflix subscribers can enjoy is getting richer by the day. As you will probably have noticed, the giant subscription service offers a great variety of series and movies, but there are also anime. We want to suggest to you some series and movies in this category, which we believe not only should not be left unnoticed, but in general can be enjoyed by a person who had no contact so far with this unique world.


Imagine a different life where gambling is everything. A school where students have to learn one thing to move forward in life, to take risks. Hyakkaou Private Academy is an elite school that houses the students of the wealthiest people in Japan. But the difference is that students' grades are not judged by their reading but by their ability to gamble. There are no Free Bets; playing has a price. Kakegurui's setting intrigued the viewers from the first episode since it was original and offered an interesting story in the overloaded Shōnen category. The whole package is made even more intense by Yumeko Jabami, who has the leading role. A sweet and seemingly innocent girl who hides inside a "monster" that feeds on adrenaline and the intensity offered by gambling. For those who are looking for a different Shōnen anime, then "Kakegurui" is already turning a blind eye to you.

Blue Exorcist

How do you continue to fight when you learn that you are the son of Satan? How can you grow as an honest exorcist when there is a supernatural force in your own blood that can destroy what you love? [Blue Exorcist tries to answer these questions in a way, which I dare say is an excellent choice for adventurous anime, as it offers a fascinating story with a beginning, middle, and end. Rin Okumura's journey brings exactly what it takes to complete an adventure. We have fantastic action scenes with a gorgeous soundtrack, the necessary characters with which the protagonist acquires friendships, while the required comic and dramatic element is not missing to close the whole.


If there’s one anime that we can definitely recommend unreservedly, and no fan of the respective video game can miss it, it is Castlevania without a second thought. Why? Because it simply showed the necessary respect to the old school of video games and managed to tell the story of Dracula completely. It brought to life the 2D characters we grew up with, building an extremely hazy world with the corresponding Gothic elements adorning the atmosphere. This is a frantic vampire monster hunt that constantly leaves the viewer impressed and thirsty for even more blood.

Fate Zero

Are you looking for a serious (as natural as possible) anime with an exciting story, unsurpassed battles, and memorable characters? Stop searching and trust us, Fate Zero is a perfect choice. Fate Zero offers all of the above. Imagine a world where magic exists normally and every year the biggest houses of magicians are called to fight in a huge war for the Holy Grail. The winner will make any wish come true. But that is not the point. All the magicians who will take part in this war also invoke their own servant who is a heroic or hated person of the past. Even better is the fact that these courageous spirits are divided into categories (Archer, Lancer, Rider, etc.). If you are looking for an agonizing action-adventure that will make you smile like little kids, then by no means leave Fate Zero without giving it a chance.

Black Lagoon

What is Black Lagoon? It is an anime series that, for many fans, is in the top five of their favorite anime of all time. One of the few times that the characters we have on our plate are built correctly, without being afraid to show their feelings and reveal the black aspect of themselves that’s ready to devour them. Likewise, one of the few times we see a female protagonist has a serious role with her spectacular abilities, leaving this exaggerated temperament of Japan aside. Not to mention, Black Lagoon is a beautiful journey into the world of the mafia that tries to show us things from the opposite side of the evil side. Beyond action.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. is probably the best Netflix anime comedy right now. But, then it’s the Achilles heel of every comic anime in how quickly it will tire the viewer since, as you understand, the perception of humor in each person is different. Imagine being able to do everything from a young age. To be able to read thoughts, to teleport, to be able to travel to the past—everything. These are just a few of the skills of Saiki, who is also the protagonist of the anime. But these superpowers make his life nightmarishly difficult because he simply feels that he can never be an ordinary person. For example, he can not have a normal conversation because he knows his fellow man's thoughts directly. This irregularity results in a hilarious comedy that I'm sure even the most demanding anime fans will enjoy.

Violet Evergarden

Many times a word hides a huge meaning, which in order to be seen, the listener must search deep inside to find the right answer. Violet Evergarden managed to pique our interest from the first moment, not only because of its wonderful aesthetics but also thanks to its bittersweet story. It’s a journey that touches on the subject of emotions and managed to talk to us more than I expected. So, if you are looking for a mature and serious story in the world of anime, then open your Netflix and start Violet Evergarden.

These are just a few anime series from the Netflix library that we recommend. Of course, many series or movies that come to mind may be missing from this list. After all, the purpose of the text is not to rank the best Netflix anime. Since the anime library of the streaming service is constantly enriched monthly, you’ll be able to expect other such articles in the same pattern.

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