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New Anime Releases in Fall 2021 Posted Jul 19, 2021

Fall is a season which many producers and creators choose to release the long-awaited new titles, and anime is not an exception here. We have school dramas, romance, adventures and supernatural coming our way in fall of 2021, so stay tuned: you might end up adding every show to your list!

While it is quite interesting to follow school life in anime, real life is more demanding. In fall, you are more likely to be occupied with countless homework instead of, let’s say, saving the world just like your favorite character. But don’t worry - the best writing services will help you save time on homework, with student-friendly prices and experienced writers ready to assist you on any subject!

Now that you have a perfect solution on how to make time for all the new anime releases in fall 2021, we present our review of the most thrilling titles.

Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu

Shouko Komi is a beautiful girl, who captures the attention of everyone on her first day in her new School. Everyone might think that she would have no trouble making friends, but soon they realise that Shouko isn’t easy to approach. What they mistake for a cool attitude is actually Shouko’s crippling social anxiety. Will she succeed in making friends with those who were able to see beyond her mask? We will find out in October 2021.

Blue Period

There is nothing more exciting in the world than finding your true passion, and Yatora Yaguchi knows that. After being bored with his everyday life, he finally discovers that drawing is not only his hobby but the ultimate way to convey his emotions and thoughts. He is determined to succeed, but first he will need to combat his own insecurities, the biases of his parents and peers and the common misconception that drawing is not a way to make a living. Coming in October 2021, Blue Period will show us the story of a person who found something worth living and fighting for.


An unexpected mixture of horror and comedy, Mieruko-chan is an adaptation of a famous manga. Miko is just an ordinary schoolgirl, but her life changes in a moment when she starts seeing hideous monsters anywhere she goes. As if this was not horrible enough, the worst part is that nobody else sees them but Miko. She will learn to go on with her life by pretending she does not see the creatures at school, on the streets or in her room. What she does not expect is that the ghosts know she can see them…

Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru

Another title for the fans of supernatural, the anime tells a story about a bookstore worker, Kosuke Mikado, who has an ability to see ghosts and spirits. This has only terrified him, until he meets a true exorcist Rihito Hiyakawa. With their powers combined, they manage to help those who suffer from mystical forces and use their eerie powers for good.

Platinum End

Mirai Kakehashi’s life has been nothing but misery since the death of his parents. He no longer sees the point in life, but his suicide attempt is prevented by a guardian angel. This is not a metaphor - an actual angel appears to help him find his happiness and become the new God. However, soon Mirai learns that his miracle comes with a price - to obtain his power, he needs to defeat 12 other candidates for this position. Will the new life be better than the old one, or is Mirai just a pawn in a greater game?

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