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New Disney Plus Star Wars Anime Anthology In September Posted Jul 14, 2021

Recently speculated Star Wars: Visions become the biggest slate of the Star Wars-based shows in Disney. In the Investor Day event conducted in December 2020, there are many numbers of far flashier projects such as Ahsoka and Andor have been introduced. Fans of the Star Wars franchise got little more than the logline for the project.

Disney Plus and Lucasfilm shared the first look of the upcoming anime anthology series called Star Wars: Visions.

Star Wars: Visions will have its premiere streaming on September 22. Disney Plus announced 7 Japanese anime studios, and most of them were mainly behind the 9 short films in the series, such as the Geno Studio (Twin Engine), Kinema Citrus, Kamikaze Douga, Studio Colorado (Twin Engine), Production IG, and many more.

According to the recent report from Variety, Star Wars Anime Anthology studio will use their signature animation along with the storytelling styles for delivering this new vision of George Lucas’ Star Wars universe.

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Disney Plus Star Wars Anime Anthology:

James Waugh, Jacqui Lopez, as well as Josh Rimes of Lucas Film are the Executive producer of the show. Kanako Shirasaki is also producing. Stories told in the original Star Wars galaxy has been mainly counted in the Japanese mythology as well as films of Akira Kurosawa are gaining better influence in the modern-day.

Star Wars: Visions especially further cultural heritage in the unique animated style. These are mainly based on the unique perspective and style from the anime studio.

Star Wars: Visions:

Upcoming animated anthology television series Star Wars: Visions would have the initial release, and it is mainly comprised of the nine anime-inspired original short films.

These are mainly based on the Japanese animation studios so that they would produce the different cultures tan the original Star Wars galaxy.

Normally the cultural perspective to Star Wars is quite different from the original one.

Star Wars Anime Anthology is scheduled to premiere on Disney+, a video streaming service, on September 22, 2021. Based on the recent report, the novel Ronin is about to tie in a short film.

Major Traction:

Star Wars has been pretty excited about the release of Star Wars: Visions as they would feature the new work from the Kamikaze Douga, Twin Engine, Science Saru, Kinema Citrus, and many more.

Recently, Disney Plus released the Special Look presentation online, and it gained major traction among fans.

Many people are eagerly waiting to access the video. It is quite enabled with the new style and story of origination with the set of new Japanese characters.

The animation has been presented in the Anime Expo Lite. And it comprises of the 9 short films making an anthology.

New Artists:

The Star Wars: Visions presentation shows the lightsabers are quite similar to the samurai swords. These mainly enabled with spreading the wide set of genres the project covers.

Everyone are quite fond of the traditional Star Wars Jedi stories, and they include a number of aspects such as the “The Twins,” “The Elder,” “The Duel,” and many more. There are also enabled with wider material such as Studio Colorado's “Tatooine Rhapsody,” described as the unique “rock opera.” These are also mainly enabled with more numbers of attributes that give better influence in the uniqueness.

These provide a cooler look than other attributes. In the Star Wars Anime Anthology, there are also more number of new artists involved in the project. These new projects look more efficient and new than the original product.

From Leading Japanese Anime Studios:

Star Wars is the big galaxy, and there has been a lot of new stuff taking place with the Star Wars Anime Anthology as they are based on the Japanese culture.

On September 22, all the episodes of Star Wars: Visions will be released on Disney+. These are mainly comprised of 9 short films, and they are to be streamed online, revealing that from 7 Japanese anime studios.

Each animation studios include Kamikaze Douga, Studio Colorado (Twin Engine), Geno Studio (Twin Engine), Production IG, and Science Saru.

These studios mainly bring their own unique animation styles.

They would bring to life the vision of the Star Wars universe with the Japanese theme. Kanako Shirasaki is also producing the Star Wars: Visions, along with Lucasfilm's Jacqui Lopez, Josh Rimes as well as James Waugh are also producing the series.

Star Wars: Visions is about to produce a recorded history for its uniqueness from the original version and gives better style.

Creative takes place in the galaxy of Star Wars: Visions animated short films are enabled with more uniqueness than original series.

Disney Plus Star Wars Anime Anthology collection brings 9 fantastic visions from leading Japanese anime studios. These are also mainly enabled with the fresh as well as diverse cultural perspectives in the franchise.

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