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Nine Best Gambling Themed Anime Series Posted Jun 2, 2020

The love for Japanese culture is spreading around the world and game developers have come out with many Japanese themed online casino games that feature manga and anime themes.

These themed slots are very popular and we list here some of the best anime themed free slots available:

Kaiji: The Ultimate Survivor

If there is any gambling anime series that you must watch, it should be Kaiji: The Ultimate Survivor. You will immediately notice that the animation design is much different from what you see. This is a serious anime though the game takes it to outlandish plots. The story revolves around Kaiji who is a waster that does nothing but drinks all day. He is suddenly drawn into high stakes gambling games where people often put their lives on the line for the win. Even though he is playing against cheaters and conmen in these games, Kaiji can beat them all which is the draw of the series.


The prequel to Kaiji, Akagi is even more serious. It revolves around the young Akagi and his incredible skill at playing Mahjong. The main character appears out of nowhere to save Nangou from debt from the hands of the Yakuza with his incredible gambling skills. This is only the beginning as Akagi faces down more skilled opponents. Even though it is short, it finishes on a high note. Mahjong lovers will not want to miss this one.


If you like Mahjong, there is another series that revolves around this game. This one is named after Saki Miyanagi, a Japanese girl who visits the school’s Mahjong club to play for a bit. The result is that she beats all of the players there, which is an incredible achievement. The series follows Saki as she gets roped into the Mahjong club and fights some of the best players in Japan. The surprising thing is that Saki doesn’t like Mahjong. She is just that good.

Saki and a few other favorites have been immortalized as online slots games. The ironic twist of a gambling series converted to a gambling game is not lost.

One Outs

A more unconventional gambling show can be found in One Outs. In this show, we are introduced to the Saitama Lycaons, a down-on-your-luck Japanese baseball team. Though it may seem like a baseball series at first, it is all the crazy bets that are going on that make this exciting. The main bet is that the main character Toua Tokuchi is a pitcher who will receive five million yen for every player he strikes out and loses 50 million yen for every run he allows.

Mahjong Hishouden: Naki No Ryuu

You should know by now that Japan is completely in love with Mahjong. The tile-completion game has dominated the gambling scene for years. You can see that love in the fact that animators can make a three-episode series like Mahjong Hishouden: Naki No Ryuu and still have reasonable success. This short show is mainly about the female Mahjong player called Crying Dragon who mainly plays against criminals. With her unorthodox tactics, she manages to beat them into submission.

Nine Best Gambling Themed Anime Series

Alice in Borderland

Not all gambling shows are based in the real world. Alice in Borderland is more of a fantasy show than a gambling one, but the foundation of it is based around gambling. Ryouhei Arisu is living a normal high school life when he is transported to a fantasy world where there is a high-stakes game of life and death happening. Though his life is on the line, Ryouhei is surprisingly happy about the situation since it makes him feel more alive than ever.

Legendary Gambler Tetsuya

There is something to be said about real-life stories as a lot of people can relate to it or want to relate to it as it is easier to believe than fantasy. Legendary Gambler Tetsuya is based on the real rise of one of Japan’s greatest gamblers. The show added a few details or two for some drama but the essential idea behind it is pretty much there. In this show, we see Tetsuya grow up during the post-World War II era, scrounging for a living. But he finds an easy way out as he starts gambling. He may not be the best player, but he’s the best cheater. With these skills we see him slowly rise to the top. With themes of drugs and betrays in the story, this series is not for kids.

Nine Best Gambling Themed Anime Series

No Game No Life

For a more light-hearted take on things, there is the silly little anime called No Game No Life. The series itself does not focus much on gambling, but it does focus on a gaming lifestyle. The siblings Sora and Shiro are the gaming team called Blank and they have a rather stunted social life on Earth. But this changes when they are transported to the magical land of Disboard. In this world, everything is resolved through games. We see the siblings start having fun as they use their gaming skills to cause complete havoc all over the place. They are soon pretty much on top of the world as they keep on winning.

Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler

Another fun series is Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler. As the title suggests, this is more of a traditional gambling show. But the setting is pretty unique. In Hyakkaou Academy, the most important thing is how well you gamble. It doesn’t matter how smart or strong you are, if you are lucky, you get to be on top. The main character is a compulsive gambler and she uses this to her advantage to slowly take over the school.

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