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Popular Jackpot Slots Games: Their Types and the Top Slots Posted Apr 22, 2020

Gamblers can win big amounts by playing jackpot slots. But what are they and what different types are there?

What are Jackpot Slots?

When playing a jackpot slot, the player is eligible for a jackpot prize when making a bet. The jackpot accumulates from every participant of the game. The winnings can run into 6 or even 7 figure range. Normally, jackpot size depends on the number of betting players.

Jackpot Slot Types

There are several types of jackpot slots and each type determines the amount of the win.

  • Local jackpots are comprised of bets made by the gamblers at any casino and depend on the kind of the game.
  • Network jackpots are also called ‘pooled jackpots’. They are similar to the lottery as bets come in from multiple sources, such as from different casinos.
  • Progressive jackpots are the most profitable as percentage of every bet is contributed to the total pot
  • Fixed jackpots are invariable and have the special pot to win.

In general, progressive jackpot slots are the most widespread ones in the gambling industry.

Top 3 Popular Jackpot Slots Games 

The following slots let players win truly massive amounts, regardless of their bet size. Such games are also fun, thrilling and simple.

  • Aztec Spins – find your way through the jungles and discover the lost Aztec treasures. There are many games in the excellent Aztec series and all are of top quality. Most are progressive network slot games and are thus equipped with jackpot prizes that can reach millions of dollars. Powered by Realtime Gaming, the varied Aztec games include Aztec’s Treasures, Aztec’s Gold, Aztec Gems and Aztec Wins.
  • Slots O’ Gold – there are many Slots O’ Gold games on the market, all of which have progressive jackpots that regularly exceed millions of dollars. This 5-reel, 10-payline slot game features an exciting wild re-spin symbol and a variable staking structure. The bigger your bet, the bigger your win.
  • Mystery Reels is one of the most popular jackpot slots games with 5 reels, 20 paylines, and expanding symbols. This is a simple, thrilling, and funny slot that provides enough excitement to keep any gambling enthusiast happy. The users get a chance to win one of four jackpots with each played game. Besides, the best sign up bonus is provided to the users.

Essentially, each of the above-mentioned slots can bring a serious amount of cash. Whenever players make a wager, they put some money into a pot that keeps multiplying until it is won. This prize can grow to millions and lucky is the player on whom it falls upon!

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