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Project QT first impressions: Nutaku’s spicy harem puzzler Posted Jun 29, 2020

Project QT first impressions: Nutaku’s spicy harem puzzler

There are two undeniable facts when it comes to games. One, people really like gacha games and, two, people really like cute anime girls. This is something hentai specialists Nutaku are all too aware of. Amongst its vast collection of hentai games is Project QT, a fan favorite within Nutaku’s ever dedicated community.

Project QT is a combination of several genres including puzzle, RPG, hentai, and gacha. As with many other anime gacha games, it has you trade rolls for a chance to land your favorite girls. A tried and tested method that I’m sure many readers will be plenty tempted by.

Project QT’s gameplay

This game isn’t just admiring cute anime girls and praying to the RNG gods. Project QT’s gameplay primarily consists of matching tiles across three turns to deal the most damage possible. Enemies are given one of four types which all have their own unique weaknesses. Imagine a simplified version of Pokémon’s typing system but in a match 3 rather than a turn-based RPG.

After identifying your opponent’s weakness, Project QT challenges you to match the corresponding element in as long a chain as possible. Whilst doing this you also have the opportunity to trigger various special tiles. These can include grenades that blow up nearby tiles, lightning chains that deal AOE damage, and slash runes that take out a whole diagonal row of tiles.

As you might expect from a hentai game, Project QT features a seduction system. Similar to systems seen in other dating sims, you need to interact with the girls to improve your relationship. By doing so your party members can power up, evolve, and obtain new outfits.

Daily play in Project QT

At least in my opinion, Project QT isn’t designed to be a game you play for several hours in one day. Instead, it’s best enjoyed with daily management and overtime progression. Of course, you can pay real money to speed things up and the monetization system is generally fair. It’s not too difficult to grind out coins and the summons are relatively rewarding. The drop rates for all summons are disclosed with exact percentile breakdowns of each rank.

As for Project QT's dailies, these do change based on the ongoing events but some stick around long-term. For example, there’s a lucky wheel that can roll items or a featured character. Also, daily missions refresh every 24 hours and are a useful supply of various power-up items.

One of the primary goals for Project QT players will be working their way through each character’s events. These events are very flirty and will no doubt be rewarding for certain players. I kind of liked them but felt the dialogue was at times a little forced. Although to be fair to Nutaku, that’s what hentai fans tend to like.

Getting social with the Project QT community

One feature I was surprised by was Project QT’s old school chat room. You can just drop into a global chat and start talking to other players. It’s strangely nostalgic as it reminds me of the age-old roleplay servers a younger me indulged in.

There’s a long running joke on the internet that it’s the most unlikely communities that tend to be nicest. I have no idea why, but the likes of Twitch and YouTube attract tons of toxicity and questionable viewpoints. Meanwhile, the smaller communities like Project QT’s are usually more polite and well spirited. This can be seen in its chat room where several players dedicate their own time to helping newcomers find their feet. Its’ strangely wholesome.

Final verdict

Project QT doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel, but it is a fun and very serviceable gacha game. If you enjoy other Nutaku games like Kamihime or even mainstream gacha titles like Azur Lane, there’s going to be something here you’ll enjoy.

Have fun playing 😉

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