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Reasons Why Japanese Anime is Popular Posted Feb 28, 2021

Reasons Why Japanese Anime is Popular

Japan is different and inspiring in so many ways, and everything from their school education system to their entertainment is different. While people have adopted many trends, accessories, and lifestyle changes, their passion for animation takes the cake in terms of popularity.

The past decade has seen a rise in the global fan base of this genre of entertainment. But have you ever wondered what gives anime the kind of popularity it enjoys? Here are a few popular reasons why Japanese anime is so popular.

The Internet Boom

Most of us grew up in the 90s watching Japanese anime like Dragonball, Sailor Moon, and Pokémon, but did not have exposure to the whole wide world of Japanese anime. And this was because the producers were very slow with dubbing and releasing their content for a worldwide audience.

However, the internet boom made it possible for people to download pirated content anytime, anywhere. The OTT revolution also made it possible for producers to release their content to the western world instantly. Besides that, there are numerous fansubbing communities where the fans provide pure translations for the shows, making it possible for them to get uncensored translations for the global audience. Besides that, there are also platforms like Anime Quiz where you can test your knowledge of anime and pat yourself on the back for a great score!

Engaging Narration

Reasons Why Japanese Anime is Popular

Any anime lover would vouch for the unique narrative style that the Manga comics have. And the major reason for this is simple, while most animation films and comic strips follow a linear narrative with pressures from the production and publication houses, Manga does not. And the reason for that is simple, most of these comic strips are created by people who pursue anime as a part-time career with other full-time jobs.

When the fans like these comic strips, the publishing houses pick them up for formal recreation. As the creators come from numerous walks of life, they have freedom of expression and explore innumerable walks of life as part of their universe. So, it is no wonder that their storytelling style is so rich, unique, and relatable to people worldwide.

Anime Conventions

Reasons Why Japanese Anime is Popular

A few years ago, it was a comic con that ruled the hearts of fans who were excited to meet their like-minded peers. And anime fans were at a minimum with not much of a peer-group interaction beyond the online platforms. However, things have changed in recent years, with numerous conventions coming up for Japanese anime fans.

The footfall at Anime Expo, Sakura-Con, Anime Boston, and Otakon of people from all over the United States speaks volumes about the genre's popularity.

Besides that, anime also offers a great insight into the Japanese culture and has relatable themes with life-like characters. Yes, the anime also explores taboo topics like mental health, suicide, depression, and so on, unlike the themes we find in the western cartoon scenes. If you are one of those people who is yet to explore the world of anime, now is the time to start falling in love with it. The compelling themes, engaging background, impressive animation, and nailbiting storyline will have you hooked to the shows endlessly.

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