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Richest Anime Characters Posted Jun 3, 2020

Anime characters have the most natural history of rags-to-riches. The majority have shot up to compelling titles within a short time. They spend money without a second thought. Anime characters have invested well enough. They do not have to work for a living because they have more than they need. Rich anime characters come with their wealth history and their personalities. They have loads of money in their possession. They may not relish in their riches, but they sure have a lot in their pockets. Here is a list of the highly-rated rich characters.

Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel heads the honorable Pantomhive family. He has a beautifully proportioned body with thin arms and legs, not to forget the elegant wardrobe that gives him a noble, wealthy standing.

Ciel wears a black eye patch with one cord over his right eye, which hides the location of his Faustian undertaking with Sebastian Michaelis. In most cases, he wears a black eye patch resembling a transdermal patch and a single cord. He also has a brand on his left side of the body, which symbolizes a slave in a cult.

His left thumb has an ornate silver ring, holding an olive-like cut grave blue stone. The ring is for generations down in his family. On his right hand, he has a Phantomhive crest gold signet ring, which he uses to stamp wax seal on documents.


  • Ciel has a general cold perception of life.
  • He is a strict and proud boy.
  • His focus is to ensure that those who humiliated the Phantomhive family should face the same experience.
  • His heart is full of revenge.


Bulma is an imaginary personality in the Dragon Ball Grand Tour. She enlists Goku as her guard designated to travel and acquire the dragon balls. She is the founder of a company that creates small capsules that can hold and reduce objects in different sizes. While her father, Dr. Briefs, is a renowned developer of capsule technology devices.

This technology gives them a monopoly in the global capsule market. Dr. Brief's legacy and Bulma's monetary status makes them look richer than a lottery winner on the planet. She is the longest-running personality in the series. Her intellectual made her maintain a prominent role to the end.


  • Bulma has changed her appearance in 18 different shoulder length hairstyles in the entire series
  • Her hair is colored purple, blue, or aquamarine
  • Her milky colored skin with her clothes branded her name gives her a stunning appearance.

Usui Takumi

Usui Takumi is among the popular boys at Seika High. The 17-year-old has little interest in life but is highly talented in cooking, chess, the violin, and table manners. His mother was rich, and she had an affair with a Japanese man. She died while giving birth to Takumi.

He was adopted while young. He lived with his mother's cousin, where he attended Seika high school. He became famous during his first years in Seika, and he later developed an interest in Misaki. He got possessive over Misaki, who she later confessed her feelings for him and became his girlfriend.


  • He is athletic,  with bright green eyes, a slender and muscular body with blond hair
  • His popularity makes him the most admired man in Seika
  • He is very handsome, and most girls instantly fall in love with his classy looks.

Seto Kaiba

Seto is a leading personality of the Yu-GI-Oh anime, the elder brother of Mokuba and Priest Seto. He is the world's largest multinational gaming agglomerate. He is known as a great intellect, an engineer, inventor, and a computer programmer.

The access to wealth and technological resources motivates him to expand the Kaiba Corp business in the entire world. He is a renowned businessman and a ruthless investor. He earns respect from his peers as he seeks to become the world's substantial player in Duel Monsters.


  • Kaiba has egocentric moves, selfish and arrogant, yet, significantly considered an anti-hero
  • He helps out when others come in contact with a common enemy
  • He deals with people who wanted to take over the Kaiba Corp Company, and he seeks to revenge
  • He uses his resources to help the needy.

Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy is the chief female proponent, a member of the Fairy Tail, an extremely wealthy family. Her guild family helped her attain her full potential in life. She was able to fight the most energetic people on the planet, earning her the grand title.


  • She is of average height with shoulder-length blonde hair tied with ribbons
  • Her head has a small ponytail to the right
  • She has brown eyes and a curvy body, bouncy breasts, fat thighs, and round buttocks.

Bottom Line

Most of the rich anime characters are eligible bachelors and bachelorettes who made waves from gangster teachers to millionaires. They have great wealth, power, and respect with high ranking positions in the society. Although their wealth is not openly stated, they remain renowned billionaires.

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