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The Rise Of Anime Culture In Western Societ Posted Mar 4, 2018

The Rise Of Anime Culture In Western Society

Even though the Anime culture is still considered to be quite niche, it's has come a long way since its birth in Japan. What started out as an alternate form of animation in the country has turned into a life of its own, which travelled across continents and set up base in Western Culture.

I remember how some of the most popular shows in Japan have made their ways onto kid themed channels with series like Pokemon, Digimon, and Cardcaptors when I was a kid. And back in the time when VHS was still around, my mother would record every single episode that would be shown at 4pm just, so we both can re-watch them before I went to bed. Even before I was born, anime was broadcast on televisions and sold as video cassettes for the older generation to enjoy with older, with more iconic shows like Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon.

Anime and Manga have always gone hand in hand in the TV industry, where so many producers created adaptations from popular Manga comics back in the day. Manga books were hard to get in European countries and USA as they weren't really popular among people in Western Culture. However, thanks to the broadcasters, companies and brands that deal with comics saw and embarked on the opportunity to get a few translators, and create a trade to import Manga books based on some of the public's favourite Anime shows.

This then lead to the idea of creating merchandise and products based on their favourite Anime shows and characters. Big comic book brands like Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse host a number a stores that sell action figurines and printed objects that you can buy and keep as a collection. Developers design and create mobile games based on certain Anime series that you can play with your friends on your smartphone. Pokemon Go! is a great example of this. That's not to mentioned all of the Japanese animation related on line casino slot games that you can play on your laptop and tablets from sites like Easy Slots have the best casino games and slots. Anime culture has even gone so far to host Anime conventions that are held at some of the most renowned venues that are located in places like San Diego and New York City, where people can even cosplay as their favourite Anime characters.

There is a mystery to why Anime has become so popular to the point that it may have surpassed traditional animation. It may be the way that the characters in each show is drawn, the plethora of themes and genres that attracts audiences with different interests, or the way that they can be implemented into different media formats like movies, music videos, and original video animation (OVA).

Overall, we won't see Anime leaving Western Society any time soon, especially as there is a huge market for merchandise relating to the theme, shows based on Japanese animation, and the high number of people searching for new shows and films to watch on sites like CrunchyRoll and Netflix.

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