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Seven Video Games That Feature Marijuana Posted Dec 10, 2019

Video games frequently represent the land of double standards. Guns, violence, and impressively gruesome bloodshed are now regarded as regularities in the virtual world, with only small groups of people seriously opposing them. Some other illegal activities depicted in games, however, frequently act as a spark that blows into public outrage. Smoking and vaping weed, for instance, are rarely included in the gameplay. There are only seven well-known video games that allow the characters to get high or interact with cannabis in any way.

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most famous and successful video game series of all time. Throughout the years, it has thrived on its action-adventure elements, violence, and the storyline tied to the shenanigans of the criminal world. Players can partake in street racing, carjacking, assassinations, and other activities of questionable morality.

Yet, marijuana hadn’t appeared in the series until the release of 2013 Grand Theft Auto V. In the game, houses that belong to characters contain bongs the player can make their character use. If the player chooses to use the bong, the character stumbles around the house for a limited time. As time passes, it might become casual for a role to routinely swap their cbd cartridge during random moments in the game. If you're not sure what a cbd cartridge is, check out this cbd cartridge review by vapingdaily.

Saints Row 1 And 2

Saints Row series received critical acclaim for impressive (for the time) sound effects, graphics, and gameplay. Numerous aspects of the games resemble the Grand Theft Auto series. The developers of Saints Row chose a more daring path and introduced marijuana in the first two games of the series. Although the games are generally considered to be the descendants of Grand Theft Auto, they included cannabis in the gameplay seven years earlier than the legendary video game franchise.


Narc was first released in 1988 as an arcade game. The players operated as a police officer who had to arrest and kill drug dealers. Although the game revolved around drugs from the beginning, the characters received an option to interact with marijuana only in a 2005 remake of Narc. In this installment of the game, the player confiscated a dealer’s stash of weed and unlocked several paths of action. In 2005, it was about ideology: the player could make their character turn the drugs in as evidence, use them or sell them on the street. The game also favored the option of abuse, giving the player a performance bonus for using cannabis.

Far Cry 3

In Far Cry 3, one shouldn’t expect a sleek modern cbd vape pen cartridge or even a conventional joint. The plot introduces a character who gets stranded on an island while attempting to help his friends escape pirates. The game presents an open world that one can roam freely and many missions for the player to complete. One of the missions includes burning a marijuana field down. If the player allows the protagonist to get dangerously close to the burning field, the character will be affected by the smoke and the difficulty of the mission increases.

Weed Shop 2

Weed Shop 2 and its mobile predecessor Weed Shop The Game, took marijuana depiction to the next level. In the 2017 game, the player’s objective is to build a successful cannabis business in the world where recreational marijuana is completely legal. The player can grow weed, customize their shop, interact with other characters, roll joints, and develop their business. Potentially, in a game focused on the business aspect of the issue like Weed Shop 2 is, a player could create and promote their best cbd vape cartridge, grow exotic weed strains and design elaborate campaigns. Although a cbd oil cartridge is not yet a thing in video games, the industry tends to approach the point where its appearance would be normalized.

Postal 2

Postal and the followup Postal 2 are games created for the sake of controversy. The franchise is extremely violent and provocative, which resulted in several countries banning the games altogether. It’s not a game where one can expect to see a cbd prefilled cartridge or similarly subtle vaping devices. In Postal, marijuana is used as a mere element of the general unfolding mayhem and debauchery that in which a player can continue to participate.

Weedcraft Inc.

Weedcraft Inc. is a brand new game about the legal cannabis market. It’s a business simulator where the player has to grow and sell weed, building an empire and overcoming political and social obstacles on the way to success. It’s a rather typical game of the genre, yet the developers have already encountered significant marketing challenges. YouTube continues to demonetize videos of people playing the game, Facebook bans the promoters’ pages, and the developers don’t even plan to attempt to market the game on Amazon’s Twitch. Although the game doesn’t even feature smoking, cbd pods, and other devices, it has already met significantly more resistance than violence-filled forms of entertainment.

The Ambiguity of Cannabis in Video Games

Cannabis has always been an incredibly volatile subject in video games. While mass shootings and violence are frequently regarded as a necessity for a good action story, including marijuana in the game takes a truly bold approach. Games such as Grand Theft Auto V, Saints Row and Far Cry 3 brush the subject of marijuana use, while only a few, such as Weedcraft Inc. and Weed Shop 2, openly center around legal cannabis business development.

In the modern world, video games might be used to market cbd JUUL pods as much as for entertainment. As medical cannabis and recreational marijuana are gradually becoming legal in the United States and all over the world, the gaming industry may soon be able to endorse marijuana products. Although game developers face numerous marketing issues due to marijuana laws in various locations, the possibility to see a cbd vape cartridge in place of a conventional cigarette in games is growing more and more likely.

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