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Slot Game Themes Inspired By Anime Posted Jan 16, 2019

Slot Game Themes Inspired By Anime

Slot games come in many different themes these days with many players able to choose from a wide selection on their favourite online casino. Over time, anime or anime-inspired graphics have started appearing in slot games. Here, we are going to talk you through some of the best anime inspired games that you can play online if you are a fan of this genre. Keep reading to find out more.

Koi Princess

Koi Princess is an exciting slot game which features some anime inspired graphics which fans are sure to love. This slot comes from NetEnt who are known for their innovative bonus features and themes. Koi Princess, which can be found in Lucky Admiral, comes with 5 reels and 20 paylines for players to win on. The max bet on Koi Princess is as high as £400 per spin giving players the chance to win a lot of cash. Make sure to check out this slot if you are a fan of the anime-style graphics.

Ghost In The Shell

The next slot that we have for you is based on a real anime that you have probably already watched – Ghost In The Shell. This series already comes in many forms including video games, TV shows and novels but now 888 have decided to create their own slot game. This slot game comes with graphics from the anime, 5 reels and 9 paylines full of cash prizes. 888 have also added some interesting bonuses including a free spins round which comes with as many as 30 free spins! Try out this slot if you are a fan of Ghost In The Shell or simply want to see what all of the fuss is about.

Moon Princess

Moon Princess is another princess-themed slot game that fits well within the anime category. This slot game comes from Play ‘N Go and features a princess at the side of the reels. This slot is loosely based on Sailor Moon which fans will be able to tell from looking at the graphics. In Moon Princess, you’ll find an exciting Girl Power feature as well as a Princess Trinity Feature which will fill a meter and give you many different abilities. Make sure to try out Moon Princess on your favourite online casino.

Fire & Ice Island

The final slot game that comes with an anime theme is Fire & Ice Island which is a popular slot game from Genesis Gaming. This slot comes with some anime inspired characters who act as warriors and a huge 243 ways to win. In this slot, you can win as much as £100,000 and there are plenty of bonus features which will get you excited. The features on this game are really impressive in the way that they are designed to match the anime theme with fire attacks and other exciting events happening. This slot game is full of fun and big prizes so don’t miss out on taking a spin on Fire & Ice Island today!

Final Verdict

It is clear that slot games inspired by anime are becoming a lot more popular as some of the bigger games’ providers including NetEnt start to make their own versions. Anime is extremely popular around the world, so it makes sense that people would start recognizing this in terms of online gambling and casinos.

We hope that soon more anime franchises will work with slot providers to give us experiences like Ghost In A Shell has given us with this exciting new slot game. Look out for more slot games in this theme appearing soon on your favourite casino and have a spin at some that are already on there! These games are perfect for anime lovers so get involved to see what you can win!

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